The Prodigal God: Tim Keller

The Parable of the Prodigal Son has been a popular subject of books of late.  Both John MacArthur and Tim Keller have tackled this parable in their own fashion and both produced stellar works, each tremendously grand in their own rights.

Keller takes some effective cues from Augustine by looking at the two sons as engaged in idolatry, and helpfully builds the categories of the younger son idolatry of immorality and the older son idolatry of self-righteousness.  Both are hard to identify.  But when compared to each other in light of the father’s conduct clarity is found.

Sonship is a big theme in Keller’s message, and it is one of the most memorable aspects of this series.  In the hands of good preachers, this parable can be a very power picture of the gospel.  The audio of the original sermons delivered at Redeemer Presbyterian Church are available.

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