Dick Lucas Resources at St. Helens

St. Helen’s has built out a new resource library for their excellent sermons and other content. If you’re familiar with St. Helen’s Bishopsgate you’ll know they are known for excellence in their preaching and teaching. Behind this ethos is Dick Lucas who began preaching there is 1961. Dick has been one of my favorite preachers for quite some time, and I’m very excited to see this new resource library.

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Hymn Stories Podcast

Media Gratiae produces a number of good podcasts, but one recently caught my attention. It’s called Hymn Stories. It’s hosted by Ryan Bush who wrote the book, “A Guide to Family Worship.” The podcast is described as a podcast about how our songs of faith came to be and how they have encouraged and strengthened believers.

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How Pastors Should Prepare their People for Eternity

Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever discuss the subject of the latest 9 Marks Journal, Heaven: Rejoicing in Future Glory. Dever asserts this is one of the most important roles of a pastor. He also observes that our current generation does not think deeply about heaven, we see it as escapism. This is reflected in the fact that modern hymnals tend to have perhaps ten songs on heaven, whereas hymnals in the 19th century and earlier would contain hundreds of hymns about heaven. As Spurgeon says in his autobiography, his job as a pastor is “to usher guided tours of Heaven.”

This is 9 Marks Pastors Talk podcast episode 156.

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On Rhetoric, a 9 Marks discussion

Should preachers be concerned about using good rhetoric, or did Paul completely dismiss any effort in using words of eloquence? Robert Kinney, David Helm and Jeremy Meeks weigh in on the use of rhetoric on 9 Marks podcast Preachers Talk. This is a very helpful discussion that provides a caution in the use of rhetoric, but demonstrates the proper need and use of good rhetoric for the preacher, teacher and evangelist.

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Everyone’s a Theologian: 2021 Winter Conference

Reformation Bible College has published on Youtube the sessions from their 2021 Winter Conference titled “Everyone’s a Theologian” which was held on January 18, 2021.

The conference was designed to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Ligonier Ministries and celebrate the life and legacy of Reformation Bible College’s founder, Dr. R.C. Sproul. The faculty and guest speakers examined the central themes that Dr. Sproul proclaimed as he strove to help every Christian become a better theologian. The speakers included Stephen Nichols, John Fesko, Ken Jones, James Dolezal, Keith Mathison, and John Tweeddale.

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The End of the Christian Life Podcast with J. Todd Billings

J. Todd Billings is a pastor who was diagnosed with terminal cancer a number of years ago. As he has grappled with his diagnosis, he has written two remarkable books: Rejoicing in Lament and The End of the Christian Life. Rejoicing in Lament helps us recover the language and purpose of lament that not only gives us expression for our confusion, pain and sorrow, but leads us to rejoicing in the character of God and his greater purposes.

The End of the Christian Life helps us to embrace our mortality so that we can truly live however many years God has in store for us.

Part of his research for The End of the Christian Life involved producing a podcast to talk with some key people whose writings helped him to grapple with his book. He has made those podcasts available on his website. The interviews are engaging and they challenge how we understand our end as Christians.

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