5 Things Every Christian Needs to Grow, R. C. Sproul

R. C. Sproul’s book 5 Things Every Christian Needs to Grow is being rereleased and expanded, and he talks about it at Ligonier Ministries.  It’s a simple guide for new Christians to discover the tools God provides as a means for believers to grow spiritually.

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Piper’s One Day Passion Conference messages

Desiring God has just released 3 of John Piper’s messages that he delivered at the One Day Passion Conferences.  These are all excellent messages, and available for download in both video or audio.  The messages are:

Boasting Only in the Cross
A Generation Passionate for God’s Holiness
How Our Suffering Glorifies the Greatness of the Grace of God

Pipers messages here >>>

Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper

Piper’s book ‘Don’t Waste Your Life’ is a marvelous and deeply challenging book that will cause you to pause and take a sobering look at the sum of your life and Christianity.  

“I’m here to plead with you to be freed from the American Dream, and to live the kind of life, in the cause of love, on the Calvary road, with Jesus, cross on your back, self-denying, such that, so full of joy that you will stand up and cause the world to take notice.”


The ‘Don’t Waste Your Life’ is full of free resources of audio, video and a free PDF of the book ‘Don’t Waste Your Life.’  There’s a great deal to explore at this website.

Download Pipers full message of ‘Don’t Waste Your Life.’

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Al Mohler, Mahaney & Dever discuss the Centrality of Church

Al Mohler brings C. J. Mahaney and Mark Dever into his radio studio for a healthy discussion about the Centrality of the Church in the Christian Life.  Dever makes the blunt claim that Christians have navigated away from the importance of the local church because we want to be like the world, and we fear man rather than fearing God.

Mohler’s program begins with the issue of same sex marriage, and at about 14 minutes into the program he brings Mahaney and Dever in for the discussion on the church.

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