Glory to the Holy One: R.C. Sproul’s Album of New Hymns

R. C. Sproul has created an album of beautiful new hymns, rooted in Scripture and Scottish history, that you will want in your music library. From the Ligonier site:

Featuring lyrics drawn from Scripture and a lifetime of theological reflection, Glory to the Holy One is a collection of beautiful new hymns written by Dr. R.C. Sproul, wedded with soaring melodies written by award-winning composer, Jeff Lippencott. Recorded in esteemed venues around the world, this new project provides the church with an offering of that which is good, true, and beautiful in the Christian faith.

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Theology in Music

Michael Reeves tackles the subject of music and theology, and his thesis is that music is not theologically neutral, but expresses the composer’s worldview.

A word of warning from the website:

NOTE: The quality of the audio in these recordings is not really up to scratch, but since the content is so good we thought it worthwhile to publish them. You’ll find you barely notice the sound quality after 5 minutes (but if you’re finding the audio quality frustrating, give the discussion a miss as that’s where it’s worst!).

Theology in Music >>>

Musical Commentary on Handel’s Messiah

The free Christian Audio book for the month of December is Handel’s Messiah: Comfort for God’s People.  It’s written by “music expert” Calvin Stapert.

From the book jacket:

This book by music expert Calvin Stapert will greatly increase understanding and appreciation of Handel’s majestic Messiah, whether readers are old friends of this remarkable work or have only just discovered its magnificence.

Stapert provides fascinating historical background, tracing not only Messiah’s unlikely inception but also its amazing reception throughout history. The bulk of the book offers scene-by-scene musical and theological commentary on the whole work, focusing on the way Handel’s music beautifully interprets and illuminates the biblical text.

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Colin Buchanan

If you have children, you will be interested in an Australian musician named Colin Buchanan.  Colin is a singer and songwriter of Christian children’s music primarily, but also writes music adults will enjoy. Colin is a regular follower of Faith by Hearing, and when he learned that my wife became ill and bedridden, and that I have four children to care for, he contacted me and sent us a care package filled with his CD’s and DVD’s.

My kids love them. Most Christian music for kids tends to be empty of any substantive theology (and now that I think about it, the same is true for much of adult Christian music.) But Colin’s music stands apart.   His songs are fun and silly, yet his lyrics are filled with very strong theology presented in a way that children will understand.  Where are the theologian musicians? Here is one, and my church has even introduced one of Colin’s beautiful songs into our worship, a song titled ‘Blessed Be the Name of Jesus.’

And, hey! If you don’t believe me, you have to believe this little guy on YouTube rocking out to Colin’s music.

Thank you, Colin, for your ministry in music. By the way, my wife is greatly improved, though still on the road to full recovery.

Colin’s website

9 Marks interview and Christian Rap

Mark Dever interviews two Christian rap artists about their music, craft and ministry: Shai Linne and Curtis Allen, “The Voice”.

I first heard about Shai Linne from a student at a college retreat I recently spoke at, and to be very honest, I didn’t give the student who told me much consideration.  I came home, looked up Shai Linne on the Internet, and within a few minutes I was hooked.  Shai has more theology in one song than most pastors have in in a years worth of preaching.  When was the last time you heard a contemporary Christian song deal with penal substitutionary atonement?

Curtis Allen is in seminary and preparing for the pastorate. Shai Linne is active in his Sovereign Grace church and is considering seminary.

9 Marks interview on Christian Rap >>>

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