Architecture and Worship

Have you ever wondered how the architecture of the temple and tent of meeting in the Old Testament fit into the worship of God?  Have you ever wondered what that would mean for the church today?

Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah held the Architecture Conference in February of 2010, and featured Terry Johnson, Hughes Oliphant Old and architectural historian, David Gobel, speaking about the architectural setting of Christian Worship.  The subtitle of the conference: Exploring the Intersection of Architecture, Theology, and Worship.

The messages by Old are insightful and very thought provoking.  Gobel gives quite a bit of the historical basis for the architecture from cathedral to modern day church.  You’ll be surprised to learn that most church architecture is created with a specific purpose other than practicality. Gobel gives us the why’s and when’s of how churches have been designed.

Architecture Conference >>>

Hughes Oliphant Old: Preaching as Worship

The Mullins Lectures at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary this year invited Hughes Oliphant Old to present 3 lectures on Preaching as worship.  Who is Hughes Oliphant Old?  All I know about him is that he has devoted much of his life to studying the history of preaching, which has produced a massive series of books.  If you preach, this is one man you don’t want to miss.

Preaching as Telling the Story of God’s Mighty Acts of Redemption >>>

Preaching as Remembering the Sabbath to Keep it Holy >>>

Preaching as Communion >>>