Architecture and Worship

Have you ever wondered how the architecture of the temple and tent of meeting in the Old Testament fit into the worship of God?  Have you ever wondered what that would mean for the church today?

Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah held the Architecture Conference in February of 2010, and featured Terry Johnson, Hughes Oliphant Old and architectural historian, David Gobel, speaking about the architectural setting of Christian Worship.  The subtitle of the conference: Exploring the Intersection of Architecture, Theology, and Worship.

The messages by Old are insightful and very thought provoking.  Gobel gives quite a bit of the historical basis for the architecture from cathedral to modern day church.  You’ll be surprised to learn that most church architecture is created with a specific purpose other than practicality. Gobel gives us the why’s and when’s of how churches have been designed.

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Colin Buchanan

If you have children, you will be interested in an Australian musician named Colin Buchanan.  Colin is a singer and songwriter of Christian children’s music primarily, but also writes music adults will enjoy. Colin is a regular follower of Faith by Hearing, and when he learned that my wife became ill and bedridden, and that I have four children to care for, he contacted me and sent us a care package filled with his CD’s and DVD’s.

My kids love them. Most Christian music for kids tends to be empty of any substantive theology (and now that I think about it, the same is true for much of adult Christian music.) But Colin’s music stands apart.   His songs are fun and silly, yet his lyrics are filled with very strong theology presented in a way that children will understand.  Where are the theologian musicians? Here is one, and my church has even introduced one of Colin’s beautiful songs into our worship, a song titled ‘Blessed Be the Name of Jesus.’

And, hey! If you don’t believe me, you have to believe this little guy on YouTube rocking out to Colin’s music.

Thank you, Colin, for your ministry in music. By the way, my wife is greatly improved, though still on the road to full recovery.

Colin’s website

9 Marks interview and Christian Rap

Mark Dever interviews two Christian rap artists about their music, craft and ministry: Shai Linne and Curtis Allen, “The Voice”.

I first heard about Shai Linne from a student at a college retreat I recently spoke at, and to be very honest, I didn’t give the student who told me much consideration.  I came home, looked up Shai Linne on the Internet, and within a few minutes I was hooked.  Shai has more theology in one song than most pastors have in in a years worth of preaching.  When was the last time you heard a contemporary Christian song deal with penal substitutionary atonement?

Curtis Allen is in seminary and preparing for the pastorate. Shai Linne is active in his Sovereign Grace church and is considering seminary.

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The Regulative Principle of Worship

Nic Batzig and Derek Thomas sit down to talk worship and discuss at length on how the regulative principle provides guidance in how churches worship.  In this very long interview Derek provides some very helpful and clarifying thoughts that you will find useful.  If you think the regulative principle is just some dry, fuddy-duddy guideline, you will come away with a very different idea.

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Reformed Worship

In The Splendor Of Holiness: Rediscovering the Beauty of Reformed Worship for the 21st CenturyJon Payne is interviewed at Christ the Center about how we must consider and conduct our worship.  Payne recently published a small book with D. G. Hart on the same subject titled ‘In the Splendor of Holiness.’  This is a small, easy to read book that was written for Jon’s congregation, not for academic study.  Though short, it’s too the point.

Payne gives careful arguments for why we must not just consider the message, but also the methods we use in our worship.  He looks at many aspects to a worship service including the call to worship, Scripture reading, singing the Psalms, and the importance of the benediction.  Very eye opening challenges, and helpful explanations. If you are a pastor or worship leader you won’t want to miss this.

Payne is pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Douglasville, Georgia.

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Worship: Grudem Sys Theo

Worship is something every Christian should have a strong grasp of .  A great resource is Wayne Grudem’s class on worship, which is part of his Christian Essentials course, the textbook of which is his Systematic Theology book.

Grudem tackles a lot of questions and issues that surface whenever people discuss worship.  What constitutes true worship? Are not our lives to be worship? What guidelines should we use in defining our worship?

One important point that Grudem touches on is that worship should grow out of a life of worship.  If we aren’t living lives of worship during the week we will not be able to correctly switch on worship on Sunday.

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