Workshop on Biblical Exposition

This is just what it says, a workshop on Biblical Exposition.  This is a very good workshop for both beginners and experienced expositors.  Phil Ryken, Kent Hughes and David Helm provide excellent encouragement and raise some needed challenges to preachers.

Phil Ryken kicks the workshop off with a very practical exhortation to preach expositionally.  Phil spent many years under the wings of James Montgomery Boice, and Ryken is certainly fit enough to fill Boice’s shoes.  The information Boice provides should be information every preacher of God’s Word understands.

Phil’s following addresses are no less exciting.  In one he looks closely at how to preach Christ from the Old Testament, and gives a very impressive consideration of typology, in fact, one of the best I’ve ever heard.  In another address Ryken explains how to find the “melodic line” of any book of the Bible, which brings understanding in how a book it put together.

David Helm calls preachers back to basic biblical exposition.  His main thrust was to highlight the need for expositors to find the spine of each passage of Scripture before attempting an outline.  During this session there are pauses while the attendees work though a few exercises.

UNFORTUNATELY, the Simeon Trust has moved the audio files that I downloaded and now I can’t find them.  HOWEVER, you can go to the Simeon Trust website and find a plethora of audio from many of the other workshops, which include speakers such as Don Carson and Paul House.  The site is very nice.

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