Liam Goligher on Teaching Isaiah

Nancy Guthrie interviews Liam Goligher on lessons he’s learned in preaching through Isaiah, and lessons that can help teachers teach through Isaiah.  Outside of the Psalms, Isaiah is the most quoted book in the New Testament, yet our understanding of Isaiah is limited to a handful of chapters.

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The Gospel According to Isaiah

It’s not often you will find a preacher who will systematically preach through one of the major prophets like the 66 chapters of Isaiah.  But Liam Goligher did just that with his congregation at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia.

Isaiah is often called the fifth Gospel and, like Romans of the New Testament, it is considered to be the gem of the Old Testament. Yet it remains a book shrouded in obscurity simply because we don’t take the time and make the effort to understand it.  Give Dr. Goligher 31 sermons and he will walk you through this book, and the riches you discover will be worth the effort.

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Liam Goligher

Liam Goligher is pastor of Duke Street Church in Surrey, UK, and he is a solid British preacher.  His two messages on the Lord’s Prayer were very good.  Unfortunately the church is revamping it’s website and audio archive.  The old one is still active but will soon be defunct.

Adrian Warnock has a 4 part interview of Liam plus a video interview:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Video Interview

The audio page for the church is here.

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