Francis Schaeffer Lectures

Justin Taylor has collected a wealth of links to lectures by Francis Schaeffer.  They link to his series on True Spirituality, Biblical Doctrine of the Westminster Confession, and The Development of Modern Thought.  Thank you for this work, Justin.

Justin Taylor’s Francis Schaeffer list >>>

Luther & Media with Carl Trueman

Christ the Center invites Carl Trueman to discuss Martin Luther, media, and it’s contemporary correlations for today.  From the Reformed Forum:

Luther’s is an interesting study in the effects of media on the church.  Trueman discusses Luther’s context and draws parallels to the contemporary church.  All the way from the printing press to Twitter, join us for a fascinating discussion on a timely subject.

Luther & Media >>>

The Sufficiency of Scripture

The White Horse Inn, hosted by Michael Horton, discusses the issue of the sufficiency of Scriptures.  This is an incredibly important subject as we see Scripture’s sufficiency not only questioned, but unwittingly undermined by well-meaning Christians and Christian leaders in what they turn to for help in the Christian life. Michael and his colleagues make some very powerful points that we should all consider.

The Sufficiency of Scripture >>>