Sovereign Grace 2009 Pastors Conference

There’s a wealth of audio material online now from Sovereign Grace’s Pastors Conference held early in April.  Many good men speaking:  Mark Dever, C.J. Mahaney, Jeff Purswell, Mike Bullmore, Dave Harvey and more.  I haven’t had a chance to listen to any of these messages.  But here it is.

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Parenting by Grace: Mike Bullmore

This is an excellent seminar on parenting.  If you know anything about Mike Bullmore you will want to listen to this with the notes and a pencil or pen.  Bullmore has a great way of providing the big picture of our purpose in parenting before getting into more practical suggestions.

Unfortunately, the audio quality isn’t the best on some of these recordings.  Do what you can to listen because it’s worth the work.

Parenting by Grace  >>>

Mike Bullmore on Marriage

Andy Naselli, a member of Mike’s church, wrote a brief bio of Mike calling him an ‘exemplary’ husband and father.  Always on the lookout for good marriage material, I searched the archives of CrossWay Community Church and found a number of messages and a conference on the subject of marriage given by Mike.  The conference messages contain some very useful PDF.  Print them out and take notes on them. This is excellent material from a gifted preacher and practitioner of his subject.

2006 Marriage Conference

Session 1:  God’s Instruction for Husbands and Wives mp3

Session One Notes PDF

Session 2: Building Your Relationship mp3

Session 2 Notes PDF

Session 3: Your Speech and Your Marriage Part 1 mp3

Session 3: Your Speech and Your Marriage Part 2 mp3

Session 3 Notes PDF

Other Marriage Messages and Retreats

Marriage According to God mp3

God, the Gospel and Your Marriage mp3

Marriage in God’s World mp3

Three Lectures on Preaching: Mike Bullmore

Josh Harris is writing a series of posts on preachers and their notes, providing a link to an audio sermon and a link to a PDF document of the actual preaching notes that were taken to the pulpit.

His post on Bullmore also provides links to 3 lectures on preaching, as well as links to other sites that have more sermons by Bullmore. 

‘Watch your Preaching’ is one of the most practical messages on preaching I’ve heard.  Bullmore suggests limiting yourself to 2 commentarys at the end of the preparation to dialog with the commentators.  Too many commentaries will overload you with information that you have to edit, and it will rob you of your voice.

One interesting tidbit that Harris shares:  Bullmore preaches his sermon in his barn on Sunday morning and makes additional notes before heading to the pulpit.  Very comforting to me because I have to hear myself preach my message and make adjustments before giving it as well. And I just thought I was weird.

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Gospel Coalition 2007 Conference

What is the Gospel Coalition? At the heart of this coalition is this question posed by D. A. Carson, “What can we do to promote a robust, gospel-centered evangelical center in our increasingly diverse country, particularly for the arising generation?”

Mark Driscoll has written briefly about it on his blog here.  Also information and conference blogging notes at Buzzard Blog. 

The conference consists of 20 pastors/theologians, 5 general messages, and 12 workshops. Some of the speakers include Don Carson, Tim Keller, John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Ray Ortlund, Phil Ryken, Michael Lawrence, and Mike Bullmore.

Audio is now available here >>>

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Sovereign Grace Leadership Conference 2007

Sovereign Grace Ministries is somewhat of an anomaly in the church today, and I mean that in a good sense. We live in a day where we are seeing denominations shrink, but Sovereign Grace Ministries is planting healthy, growing churches based on solid reformed teaching. They are also heavily involved in writing new, theologically sound, worship music. God is doing amazing work through this organization. So, when they put on a leadership conference, I want to know about it. All three general session speakers, Sproul, Powlison, and Mahaney, delivered messages you will want to hear.

R. C. Sproul opened the general sessions. C. J. Mahaney was correct when he said nobody can preach about the holiness of God like R. C. Sproul. If you’ve never heard Sproul preach on the holiness of God, you’re in for a treat.

David Powlison brought a message that has been deeply embedded in his mind of late. He confronted the unfortunate tendency within the church to follow the culture in it’s unhealthy habit of introspection. Powlison argues that our introspection should be short lived and our focus on God and Scripture should be more weighty. The message he brought was like a lightning bolt to our age. If you only buy one MP3 from this conference it must be Powlison’s message.

C. J. Mahaney’s message title ‘Trinitarian Pastoral Ministry’ might be somewhat misleading, but his lecture was timely and needed. I won’t go over the spine of his message, but will cover two important points he raised. First, he brought much needed clarity to the ‘charismatic’ issue, and offering a clarifying term for his position which he calls ‘continuationism’ (as opposed to cessationism). He also called for the church to stop trying to redefine itself to be ‘relevant’ to the culture. He calls for churches to recover lost ground in the face of post-modern church thinking.

When you order the conference, order the whole conference, general sessions and seminars. The full package is only $4.oo more and there are some excellent seminars. Powlison returns of a seminar. Other seminar speakers include Mark Dever, Joshua Harris, and Mike Bullmore. For the ladies, Carolyn Mahaney brings a message titled ‘Watch your Man’ and then is part of a panel discussion.

The conference consists of 4 General Sessions and 16 Seminars.

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New Attitude 2006 Conference on MP3

 New Attitude Conferences are brought by Joshua Harris, pastor of Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and Sovereign Grace Ministries. They are geared toward singles and young married couples, but relevant to all ages.

Aside from the usual NA suspects, Mark Dever, Mike Bullmore, Bruce Ware and Al Mohler joined the ranks as they rallied under the banner of ‘Humble Orthodoxy.’ 

Having just published his excellent two volume Bible survey ‘Promises Made’ and ‘Promises Kept’, Mark Dever brings a message ‘The Story: Understanding the Story line of the Bible.’  Justin Taylor weighs in with a very good analysis of the Emerging church movement.  Al Mohler draws us to consider ‘Cultural Discernment from a Biblical Worldview.’

One of my big surprises was being introduced to Mike Bullmore.  Bullmore brought two excellent messages, one about applying the Gospel to all of life, and a second about feeding on God’s Word.  I hope to see more from this pastor of Crossway Community Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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