Preaching Zechariah: A Workshop on Biblical Exposition

Very interesting and enjoyable workshop that Colin Adams highlighted on his blog.  From his blog:

Preaching from the Old Testament prophets can be hard. And as a pastor, you might feel alone. The prophets were the great preachers of their day. Yet, they faced similar challenges. And their message needs to be heard. This workshop is for pastors to get together and think carefully about how to preach from the Old Testament, focusing specifically on the prophet Zechariah.

Preaching Zechariah >>>

Richard Phillips on Zechariah 2

Delivered before he took the pastorate as Second Prebyterian Church in Greenville, South Carolina, Richard Phillips opens Zechariah in two timely messages from this wonderful prophet.

Richard is the author of the recently released book ‘Jesus the Evangelist’.

The Two Cities mp3>>>

A City Without Walls mp3>>>