Love to the Unseen Christ, Thomas Vincent

Cross TV, which produces the excellent Word Pictures videos, has provided some lenghty MP3 samples from the ‘Love to the Unseen Christ’ DVD’s, based on the Puritan Thomas Vincent’s convicting, yet beautiful book, ‘A True Christian’s Love to the Unseen Christ’ (search at Amazon.) Do not miss these samples. 

I have listened to these 7 MP3’s over and over again.  They are inspiring, convicting, challenging, humbling, and Christ exalting.  If you struggle with a cold or dispassionate heart toward Christ, these messages will point you in the right direction. 

The MP3’s are:

1. Introduction
2. Test Your Love for Christ
3. Depravity and Detestation of Sin
4. Love of Doctrine and All Scripture
5. Praying Biblically
6. God’s Glory as the Aim of Prayer
7. Meditating on Scripture

Mark Kielar, President and host of most of the Cross TV productions, has done a tremedous job with his video productions.  Thank you Mark for your faithful service, and for making Biblical truth the cornerstone of your producitons.

Many thanks to Old Truth for hosting these magnificent MP3’s.

Love to the Unseen Christ samples on>>>

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