Is Black Lives Matter the New Civil Rights Movement?

In May the council members of The Gospel Coalition invited Mika Edmondson to help them think through the injustices raised by the Black Lives Matter movement.  The message was important enough that they have shared the audio.  Al Mohler was among the listeners and wrote a response to Mika’s message, which I’ve also included a link to.

In his address Mika relates the origins of the Black Lives Matter movement, offers a correction for how we should understand it, and then compares and contrasts it to the Civil Rights Movement. He then offers some needed admonishments, rebukes, and challenges to the Christian church.

“There are enough major differences to say Black Lives Matter is not an extension or rebirth of the Civil Rights Movement. Still, I strongly recommend full engagement with the concept and critical engagement with the movement, especially since there’s no evangelical alternative to Black Lives Matter. It grieves me deeply to say there’s no evangelical movement robustly, consistently, and practically affirming the value of disparaged black people. So we must be careful how we criticize Black Lives Matter in the absence of an evangelical alternative.” – Mika Edmondson

Mika Edmondson’s address >>>

Al Mohler’s response >>>