Walking at the Spirit’s Pace

John Barnett has a series of messages that carrys a most difficult application: to slow down, rest and wait upon the Lord.  Barnett shows us from Scripture that the pace of life we live in is not conducive to the work and cadence of the Spirit.  He also suggests that our generation is a 9 commandment generation, rejecting the intent of the Sabbath.  These messages will make you rethink how you live your life, your priorities, and draw you closer to God.  This is a highly recommended cordial for our overwhelmed lifestyles.

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How to Slow Life Down

John Barnett of Tulsa Bible Church and Discover the Book Ministries helps us to live a life of quietness in the midst of a world of hurry. Barnett directs us to the prophet Isaiah, and offers lots of practical wisdom and food for thought.

How to Slow Life Down mp3 >>>