Three Lectures on Preaching: Mike Bullmore

Josh Harris is writing a series of posts on preachers and their notes, providing a link to an audio sermon and a link to a PDF document of the actual preaching notes that were taken to the pulpit.

His post on Bullmore also provides links to 3 lectures on preaching, as well as links to other sites that have more sermons by Bullmore. 

‘Watch your Preaching’ is one of the most practical messages on preaching I’ve heard.  Bullmore suggests limiting yourself to 2 commentarys at the end of the preparation to dialog with the commentators.  Too many commentaries will overload you with information that you have to edit, and it will rob you of your voice.

One interesting tidbit that Harris shares:  Bullmore preaches his sermon in his barn on Sunday morning and makes additional notes before heading to the pulpit.  Very comforting to me because I have to hear myself preach my message and make adjustments before giving it as well. And I just thought I was weird.

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Doctrine of Sanctification: Grudem Systematic Theology series

Following the series on Justification, Grudem examines the process of Christian growth in holiness and battle with sin.  Sanctification is when the heart and will of a Christian grows to make holy decisions.  There is a lot of food for thought and very practical applications to our daily lives.

Doctrine of Sanctification pt. 1 mp3 >>>

Doctrine of Sanctification pt. 2 mp3 >>>

Doctrine of Sanctification pt. 3 mp3 >>>

Doctrine of Baptism in and Filling with the Holy Spirit: Grudem Systematic Theology series

Wayne examines the various interpretations of baptism and filling with the Spirit.  He begins by looking at the Pentecostal understand and moves from that to look at it the Protestant understanding along with some nuance of his own understanding. 

Doctrine of Baptism in and Filling with the Holy Spirit mp3 >>>

Messages for Wives and Mothers

Colin Adams wife Nicki has posted links to 12 messages specifically relating to being a wife and mother.  The post is on Titus2Talk.

The speakers include Carolyn Mahaney, Barbara Hughes, Noel Piper, Susan Hunt, John Piper, Voddie Baucham and Ted Tripp.  I’ve heard a number of these messages by Piper and Baucham, and they are fantastic.  Visit the page and check out the titles. 

Messages of Wives and Mothers page >>>

R.C. Sproul and James White discussion

R.C. Sproul joined James White on his webcast The Dividing Line on August 7.  They discuss the subject of God’s sovereignty and man’s free will, which is Sprouls subject for the upcoming Ligonier Conference.

They also discuss briefly how Christian’s are bombarded today with all kinds of worldly ideas and concepts that are on a crash course with Biblical thinking, and we need to be proactive in developing the mind of Christ so that we can guard against this onslaught.  One of the casualties of this worldly onslaught is the gospel itself.

White comments on the reality that 16,000 pastors leave the ministry every year is partially due to the fact that they are trying to lead a flock of unregenerate people who are not true believers, but are false professors of faith.  The pressure on pastors to ‘perform’ and gain converts is very strong, but the numbers standard isn’t the standard that pastors should strive for.  Rather the standard is what he brings before the throne of God.

Sproul suggests that many pastors are conflicted because they are forced by churches to be CEO’s and guidance counselors rather than shepherds of the Word, which is what Scripture calls them to.

This is a lively and timely discussion that covers some very important information for the church today.

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