Broken Links?

Unfortunately, the internet is often a fluid place, and content gets moved or renamed and creates what is called a ‘broken link’.  With a site like Faith By Hearing, this can be a big problem. 

The good news is, even if you are faced with a broken link, you can usually find the page or file with just a little bit of work.

How to find what you want if the link is broken

First, lookat the URL (the internet address).  For example, if I moved this page you would still see this URL in the address window (this is just an example):

The only useful part of a broken link address is the beginning part from ‘http’ to the ‘.com’ (sometimes .org, .net, or any new .***).  This part of the link address will take you to the home page.  In my example, this would be the only useful bit:

Most websites have a search box.  Now that you’re at the home page of the site, you can access the search box.  Enter the name of the speaker or message title and do a search.  This will usually get you to the audio you’re looking for.

Send this information to Faith By Hearing

Now that you’ve found the correct link, please notify me so I can update this site.  Just send a comment with the new URL (internet addresss).  The comment will not be posted for anyone to see, but it will get the information to me.  I will not publish the comment.

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