Introducing Friedrich Schleiermacher

Michael Reeves has been doing a tremendous job of providing very interesting and helpful talks on various aspects of church history, and highlighting key figures.

So who is Schleiermacher and why should we care?  He is the father of modern liberalism.  And Reeves 3 session talk should interest you because, even though you may not think you are a theological liberal, chances are you are going to see how this man you’ve never heard of has probably influenced parts of your theology, and definitely much of what we in our conservative churches.

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Basics 2010

Basics 2010

Alistair Begg, Sinclair Ferguson and John Shearer joined forces in 2010 to bring A Return to the Basics Conference, and what an incredible powerhouse this was.

This was my first time listening to John Shearer, an Irish pastor with 40 years of ministry experience, and a gift to preach. I was deeply touched, encouraged and instructed by his messages, and plan to revisit them again.

And Sinclair Ferguson needs no introduction. His messages were powerful. He raised one memorable question that has stuck with me: Why is it that we read Paul’s instruction from Scripture, but we run to the book store to find a book to teach us how to apply that instruction? If we would but spend time dwelling in Paul’s writings long enough, we would see that he gives us the application how to for his instructions.

He also reminds us that the mortification of our sin is not accomplished by mortification of sin in our own power. Christ is a necessary component. Christ is at work to change our affections. And the new affections that are grown within us are the vehicle that will mortify sin. It happens at the level of desire.

From the website:

As we gather for the eleventh year, we’ve chosen to return to the basics of our daily ministry. We desire to have our minds engaged and souls stirred as we consider God’s call upon our lives as ministers of the Gospel. In his book, The Priority of Preaching, Christopher Ash reminds us that, “…to be a preacher is one of the most deeply humbling experiences in the world. Preaching drives us to our knees, puts gigantic butterflies in our stomachs, and makes us cry out, ‘Who is sufficient for these things?’”. We pray that through these messages, we may be renewed in our desire to preach God’s Word and in our trust on Him.

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