Al Mohler’s Last Radio Episode

July 1st saw the final day of the Albert Mohler Radio show. Long time colleague Russell Moore hosted the final program to interview Mohler and look back at his massive legacy of work in radio.  I will miss Mohler’s program, but don’t you miss this final episode.

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Eric Alexander: A Life in Ministry

Eric Alexander is interviewed by the chaps at  Christ the Center regarding his long life in ministry.  This is a fascinating interview about the particular challenges that Alexander faced in taking a very Biblically weak congregation and nurturing them to strength.  He talks about his preaching style, and how he managed to preach through the entire New Testament twice in his life.

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Sinclair Ferguson, Reflections at 60

Sinclair Ferguson gave two informal talks reflecting on his life being 60 years in ministry.

The first talk focuses on the early years of his life, his conversion, his schooling and his time of sitting under the ministry of William Still. One of the memorable statements he made is that he says he sees very few churches that can be seen to have a proper concern for the ministry of the Word and the ministry of prayer. It either does not exist, or you have to look very hard to find shades of it.

In his second address, Ferguson reflects on the growth and influences of his theology, and discusses the many Christian theologians who shaped him through their books, as well as some professors and preachers.

Open iTunes Store. Search for Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS). Go to Seminar Series. Then Preaching the Word: Reflections at 60.

Mahaney Inteviews Mark Dever

 C. J. Mahaney turns the tables on Mark Dever and interviews him about his life, ministry as a pastor and as president of 9 Marks.  This is a great and enjoyable interview, despite the fact that C. J. finds free reign to express his sport-a-holism.  One of the most unique aspects, which we are richly rewarded by in listening, is that C. J., Mark and Matt Schmucker all know each other so well, and they know where the meat is in the discussion, and further, they all have a tremendous passion for gospel truth and faithfulness in ministry.

I would have to say, if you like the 9 Marks interviews, this one will be one of your favorites, and perhaps most challenging. C. J., thank you.

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Iain Murray: Pastoring, Preaching, and the Church

I’ve been listening back through some old 9 Marks interviews and I want to highlight one of the most impactful of these interviews.  Iain Murray is a wealth of knowledge as it relates to church history of the past 200 years.  He’s written numerous and well-research biographies of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Charles Spurgeon, Arthur Pink, Charles Wesley and others.  He also began the Banner of Truth Trust and magazine by the same name.  For many years he was an assistant to Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  If anyone demands our attention in discussing contemporary church issues it is Iain Murray with his vast knowledge and wisdom.

There are many church movements today which are repeating the same mistaken ideas of the past that have been proven by time to be failures.  Murray discusses the ministries of Lloyd-Jones, Pink and pulls some great lessons from Wesley that Calvinists need to take heed of.  One thing that surprised me was the Wesley did not utilize the altar call.  Wesley’s Methodists also have the distinct heritage of reaching Austrailia with the gospel when others could not.

Iain also discusses his two recent publications ‘Evangelicalism Divided’ and ‘The Old Evangelicalism.’  This is an interview you need to hear. Sinclair Ferguson said that a man who deeply trusts God will step out and do great things, and Iain has done just that in the faithful service of his life.

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Life and Ministry with Derek Thomas

Mark Dever of 9 Marks interviews Derek Thomas about his ministry, his move from Baptist to Presbyterian, and his pastorate with Ligon Duncan at First Pres. Jackson, Mississippi.  They also discuss his books and Derek’s particular interest with John Calvin’s exposition of Job.

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