How to Use this Site

I suggest investing money in a good MP3 player such as an iPod, Zune or other MP3 Player, and then Max Mclean’s MP3 Listener’s Bible in ESV (which you can’t beat for under $40, and easier to load than the audio CD sets).  You can also purchase iPods fully loaded with certain ministry audio resources.  Ligonier Ministries offers an iPod loaded with many hours of R.C. Sproul’s key series.  Grace Community Church’s bookstore offers an iPod loaded with all the Shepherd’s Conferences for the past many years.

 Then download the many resources and import them into your MP3 software.

The audio material on this site is usually categorized by speaker, form (conference message, seminary course, sermon, etc.) and tagged by relevant topics.   For example, John Piper’s biographical sketch of Andrew Fuller, given at the 2007 Desiring God Pastor’s conference was tagged by: John Piper, Conference 2007, Leadership, Pastors, Andrew Fuller, Biography, Church History 19th Century, and Missions.  Piper covered two heresies which Fuller fought against, so it was also tagged by Heresies, Sandemanianism, and Hyper-Calvinism.

Post’s titled ‘Collections: ________’ are links to larger collections of audio resources of the given speaker.

This is not a site for debates or criticism of the messages linked here.
If you have an issue with one of these speakers or the content of the audio, there are plenty of other forums for you to debate.  This is not the place. I will not post critical comments. 

If you have the urge to debate on the internet, I suggest you first read the 4 excellent posts by Nathan Busenitz at Pulpit Magazine called The Blog in Our Eyes. It is a clarion call for Christians to exercise wisdom and humility on the internet.

12 thoughts on “How to Use this Site

  1. How many gigabytes would be needed for a MP3 player if you want to have at least 7 hours of listening available?

  2. I wasdirected to this sight by Jerry VanKuiken of the Free Methodist Conference. How can I down load materials from this site? All I see are postings of comments on the items.
    Please help.


  3. Ellen, when you do a category search, this template of the WordPress blog only provides a truncated preview without links — which is very unfortunate. I’ve been trying to get this worked out with the programmer.

    WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO is click the title of the post and that will take you to the FULL post where the links are active.

    It is VERY annoying and if I can’t get it resolved, I will be returning to my old WordPress template that does not have this problem.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Living and pastoring in Brazil, with so little resources available, I found in this website an oasis of edification, encouragement and instruction. Thank God for your life.

  5. What a wonderful resource. Going to bookmark this now – I’m always looking for the means to add more to my MP3 player at night…

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