Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church

Michael Lawrence has written a book to help Christians, and particularly teachers, to understand how their Bibles are put together in terms of a biblical theology. He first gives us the tools that help us work out a biblical theology, and then applies them to how they work out in the church.

Michael preached through the key frameworks that define a biblical theology at Capitol Hill Baptist. The audio for these 5 messages is here:

Biblical Theology: Creation >>>

Biblical Theology: Fall >>>

Biblical Theology: Love >>>

Biblical Theology: Sacrifice >>>

Biblical Theology: Promise >>>

Here are some notable  reviews:

“I thoroughly appreciated Lawrence’s fresh approach to ecclesiology. While there are many treasures in this book, its primary richness comes from following the flow of redemptive history five times over—each time from a different perspective, built around a different theme. Looking at biblical theology like one stone with many facets was an exceptionally enlightening approach. This is a book to be read and re-read.”
John MacArthur

“If the kind of biblical theology described and commended by Michael Lawrence in this superb book were to take root in the preaching and teaching ministry of pastors, and get into the bloodstream of lay people in the churches, things would bode well indeed for the improvement of our collective grasp of and obedience to the whole counsel of God. Lawrence not only does a brilliant job of introducing a sound biblical theology, but also relates it to the ministry of the church. He offers one of the finest and most accessible discussions of the relation between biblical and systematic theology that I’ve ever read. This is a pastoral must-read for our times. I cannot recommend this book too highly.”
J. Ligon Duncan

“Every thoughtful preacher or teacher of the Bible sooner or later faces questions of the nature of biblical theology, its relationship to doctrine (systematic theology), and the practical application of both to the ministry that edifies the church. Following in the footsteps of Geerhardus Vos and Edmund Clowney, Michael Lawrence has provided us with a masterly study that relates biblical theology to systematics, and then applies both to the ministry of the church. This skillfully executed integrative approach breaks new ground in the practical application of biblical theology. Its thoroughness without being over-technical makes it accessible to anyone who wants to be a better preacher or teacher of the Bible.”
Graeme Goldsworthy

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