Rezolution Conference 2015: False Prophets and True Prosperity

“False Prophets and True Prosperity: a biblical response and remedy to the Prosperity Gospel” is the title of the 2015 Rezolution conference featuring Conrade Mbewe, Steve Lawson and Phil Johnson. The conference was hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa.

From the website:

This year REZOLUTION tackles the biggest threat to the Church in Africa, ‘False Prophets and True Prosperity: a biblical response and remedy to the Prosperity Gospel’.

That we may be warned and equipped, REZ has called in three foremost watchmen,Conrad Mbewe, Phil Johnson and Steve Lawson to sound the alarm.

REZ has always been about rallying Christians together around great doctrines through great preaching and great singing.

The pinnacle of REZ is a Friday night and all day Saturday feast of rich exposition and passionate worship.

In the three-day build up to REZ we offer the following tailored to pastors, church leaders and all who want to dig deeper:

On Wednesday the 2nd of September our three keynote speakers address a Pastors Seminar surveying today’s spiritual landscape and minefields, arming us with biblical solutions.

On Thursday the 3rd and Friday the 4th Steve Lawson bring us his superb Institute for Expository Preaching, ‘Preaching with Precision and Power’.

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Beware of False Prophets with John MacArthur

Excellent 4 message series from MacArthur recently on false prophets; who they are and how to spot them.  MacArthur sees 3 different types of false prophets in Scripture:  Heretics, apostates and the decieved.  Don’t miss this timely series.

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