2012 Ligonier National Conference

Ligonier has just posted the audio and video  from it’s national conference, free to view by streaming, but there is a cost to purchase for download.  This year’s conference subject is The Christian Mind, and the is helmed by an august group of speakers:  Al Mohler, Michael Horton, Steve Lawson, Sinclair Ferguson, Michael Godfrey, R C Sproul Senior and Junior, plus too many more to list.

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2012 Shepherd’s Conference

This year’s Shepherd’s Conference is now available online. The conference featured some speakers who are familiar to the Shepherd’s Conference, such as Phil Johnson, Al Mohler, Steve Lawson, and, of course, John MacArthur.  But this year there was a new face.  Voddie Baucham was one of the keynote speakers this year.

2012 Shepherd’s Conf >>>

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