A Functional Doctrine of Sin

Rick Gamache of Sovereign Grace Church, Minneapolis recently preached this hard-hitting sermon, challenging Christians to deal with root of our sin.  His title, A Functional Doctrine of Sin, summarizes the focus of his purpose, to give us a practically functioning mindset and approach to dealing honestly and seriously with our sin.

One of his quotes (perhaps from Ralph Venning) says we must understand the evilness of sin because the evil of sin is what cost the Savior his blood (my poor paraphrase from memory).

Excellent sermon on sin, in addition to the fact that there are few sermons on sin.

A Functional Doctrine of Sin mp3>>>

Brothers Feel Think Preach God — Piper

Three messages by Piper and a Q&A with Piper and Wayne Grudem, from the 2006 Phoenix Seminary Pastor’s Conference.  These messages are on the centrality of God in the life of a pastor and provides excellent food for thought and encouragement/admonition for pastors.  The Q&A is just as challenging as Piper’s messages are.  The thing I love about Piper is he forces you to deal with Scripture yoked together with real life. 

The Centrality of God in the Feeling of a Pastor >>>

The Centrality of God in the Thinking of a Pastor >>>

The Centrality of God in the Preaching of a Pastor >>>

Q&A with John Piper and Wayne Grudem >>>

Commute thru the Bible – 8 week finish

Last week was the last week in my 8 week commute thru the Bible, which ended up being stretched out an extra week since I lost one week of commute time.

I had hoped to complete the entire Bible, but facing the realities of life and other demands on my commute time (believe it or not) I finished Isaiah last Friday.  I will continue through my commute thru the Bible at a slower pace while supplementing with sermons. 

Commute thru the Bible — week 6 update

Two more weeks to go in my 8 week Commute thru the Bible program. I’m currently in the middle of the Psalms, believe it or not.  If you are calculating, you will realize I should have been near the end of the minor prophets at this point. 

The past 4 weeks have been unusually busy, and I’ve used much of my commute time on the bus in prayer and planning.  Our pastor’s wife recently gave birth to twins and I took the pulpit for two Sundays, and for those two weeks my commute time was focused on sermon preparation.

My goal now is to get through the Old Testament in the next two weeks and then I will return to listening to good sermons and posting them here.  Many thanks to all who have sent messages saying they missed my posts.