Counseling Difficult Cases

CTC  lead a very interesting discussion with George Scipione about the need and practice of biblical counseling.  Scipione is professor of pastoral theology and Director of the Biblical Counseling Institute at Reformed Presbyterian Theological  Seminary.

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A Narrated Bibliography with David Powlison

C. J. Mahaney talks with David Powlison about his books.  Powlison is a teacher and counselor at the Christian Counseling & Education Foundation, is the editor of the Journal of Biblical Counseling, and is contributing  a very significant body of literature to help Christians deal biblically with the stuff of life’s trenches.  He has written two books, Seeing with New Eyes and Speaking Truth in Love.

David sees the secular culture having taken counseling and the direct dealing of life’s issues out of the churches hands.  His purpose is to bring biblical answers to life’s trials and difficulties, and to give tools the church to help Christian’s think biblically when it comes to counseling.

This is a very helpful interview, and will give you a biblical perspective of this subject that is so loaded with dangers and misuse.

Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds has a helpful post and bibliography of articles by Powlison.

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