Phil Ryken’s Last Service at Tenth

Phil Ryken has recently left Tenth Presbyterian to take up the presidency of Wheaton College.  His final sermon at Tenth was a message titled ‘Faithful God’ and focused on Romans 8:38,39. His faithfulness as a preacher will be missed.

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Romans Consentrated with John Piper

In 5 messages, John Piper takes a condensed look at Paul’s argument in chapters 9 through 11 in which he assures that Israel will be saved. These chapters lead us into the doctrines of grace, particularly focusing on God’s electing work in salvation. Piper deals with this text in one of the most helpful, pastoral and direct ways I’ve heard. He even raises the possibility that it was out of God’s anger with Israel that God extended salvation to the Gentiles.

Piper also relates his difficulty as a seminary student with God’s sovereignty and elective will which caused his world to collapse around him.

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Piper’s Complete Romans series on MP3 CD


224 sermons preached from 1998 to 2006 are all on one MP3 CD.  John Piper’s entire series on Romans is available for only $85 (a mere .37 cents per message.)

Desiring God is doing a stellar job of making Piper’s messages available and accessible, absorbing the expense themselves.  One way you can support them is to purchase their packaged audio products, such as this Roman’s series. 

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