Phil Ryken’s Last Service at Tenth

Phil Ryken has recently left Tenth Presbyterian to take up the presidency of Wheaton College.  His final sermon at Tenth was a message titled ‘Faithful God’ and focused on Romans 8:38,39. His faithfulness as a preacher will be missed.

Last Service at Tenth >>>

2 thoughts on “Phil Ryken’s Last Service at Tenth

  1. Every time someone posts a link to a Philip Ryken sermon and I go to download it, It’s been removed or is no longer available. It happens so much that I have lost any desire to even listen to him.
    Plus he has series’ on sermonaudio and he always removes half of them so its useless to even try to listen any of them.
    I’m not saying this current sermon is not available anymore, but If you want to hear this badly, you better hightail it over there immediately before it is removed.

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