Michel Thomas Language Courses

A bit off the usual beaten path, if you happen to be looking for a good language course I have an excellent recommendation.

I moved to Quebec 6 years ago as a monolingual anglophone.  I have struggled to learn the French language, pouring buckets of money into books, software, audio programs, Berlitz courses and private tutors.  Admittedly, foreign language is not my thing.

One of the best investments of my money and time (apart from a private tutor) is an audio series by Michel Thomas.  1 hour of his beginner series had me conversing in simple conversation.  The irony is, I had just spent 2 weeks in a $2000 immersion Berlitz course that did nothing for my conversational French. 

Thomas’ course has no books, just a short listing of notes for reference.  It’s perfect for the commute.  His method immediately begins by building phrases and practical conversational sentences.  It’s not tourist-oriented programs (which are useless). 

Michel Thomas offers courses also in German, Italian, and Spanish.  See his courses at Amazon here >>>

As an additional aid in book form, my favorite book for French is the Assimil method ‘New French with Ease.’  They have books in other languages.  You can find that here >>>