History of the English Bible

In four lectures, Dr. Daniel Wallace covers the history of the English Bible from John Wycliff to the present day. He concludes with a lecture about why there are so many versions of the Bible. These lectures were given at the Lancaster Bible College and are part of the BiblicalTraining.org cirriculum.

From Wycliffe to King James
The Reign of King James
From the KJV to the RV
Why So Many Versions?

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Ancient & Medieval Church History with David Calhoun

Dr. David Calhoun’s seminary courses on church history are well known, and now are available online from Covenant Theology Seminary.  This course covers the history of the church from the book of Acts to the dawn of the Reformation.

Church history is one of the big weaknesses of most Christians, and many errors we easily fall into could be avoided with a basic knowledge of church history.  Calhoun makes church history accessable, interesting and relevant. 

Dr. David Calhoun’s Ancient & Medieval Church History lectures>>>