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St. Helen’s has built out a new resource library for their excellent sermons and other content. If you’re familiar with St. Helen’s Bishopsgate you’ll know they are known for excellence in their preaching and teaching. Behind this ethos is Dick Lucas who began preaching there is 1961. Dick has been one of my favorite preachers for quite some time, and I’m very excited to see this new resource library.

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For more than a decade I’ve been downloading and listening to hundreds of sermons each year. I’ve been able to sit under the teaching of men I would have never known about, much less have access to their past sermons had it not been for the Internet. While I have a massive list of favorite preachers there are a handful of men I routinely turn to again and again.  At the top of my list is Dick Lucas, retired pastor of St. Helen’s Bishopsgate in London, and while he’s in his 90’s (I believe) he still preaches on occasion.

Dick Lucas is one of those preachers whose sermons are clear, engaging and uncommonly weighty. Most of his sermons are less than 30 minutes in duration as he often preached during the lunch hour on weekdays.

The Gospel Coalition has a massive archive of Dick Lucas’ sermons.  You can also find sermons and videos of Lucas at the St. Helen’s website.

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Dick Lucas, pastor of St. Helens Bishopgate Church in London, is a marvelous British preacher who brings sound biblical exposition and direct, no-nonsense application to the pulpit.  He never makes apologies for the Bible or his exhortation to his people.  God’s Word is God’s Word, and that’s all there is to it.  He also has a high view of preaching.  In the middle of one sermon someone’s mobile phone went off very briefly and Dick simply said in a dry, stern manner, “Turn it off, I don’t want to hear it.”  In an address about the authority of preaching he said,

“The pew cannot control the pulpit. We cannot deliver ‘demand led’ preaching because no one demands the Gospel.”

Dick Lucas is also one of the founders of the Proclamation Trust whose purpose is to promote sound expository preaching.

Dick has also been heard to say,

“I’m not going to tell you the page number. The Bible is the most important book in the world, and if you don’t know your way round it, then you should.”

(Thanks to John H. for that quote).

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