Kostenberger: God, Marriage & Family

Does your understanding of marriage point to God and the Gospel?  I’m currently preparing a marriage course for my church and in the process, I’m devouring a lot of good resources. 

Andreas Kostenberger, who authored of one of the best books I’ve found on marriage, God, Marriage & Family, also presented a discipleship class on marriage and the family at Richland Creek Community Church. 

Kostenberger is an incredibly sharp theologian, and has written a number of very good commentaries.  He was also picked by Don Carson to author two books for Carson’s New Biblical Studies in Theology series

Kostenberger is disarmingly unremarkable as a speaker, but once he gets warmed up his material is very helpful.   This was not a preaching situation, but rather more of a classroom type of setting.

These courses are all on wma video (a hateful format) unfortunately, so not compatible with iPod’s or iTunes. 

God, Marriage & Family course >>>