Expositor’s Conference

If I were to assemble an expository preaching conference, I would choose men who either loved the discipline enough to write books focused on expository preaching, or they would be practicing expositors of exemplary ability in a congregation for a long period of time.

With Steve Lawson and John MacArthur, both men have done both, and are widely considered among the best living expositional preachers today.  There is a great deal of exceptional material.

Two things I never want to do.  One is to say God said something he didn’t say.  And two, to not say something God did say.  You don’t want to edit God. (MacArthur)

Steve Lawson and John MacArthur teamed together for the Expositor’s Conference in October of last year. 

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Panel Discussions: Together for the Gospel 08

If you haven’t listened to the panel discussions from this years Together for the Gospel conference, they are online now.  As I mentioned in my post on T4G 08, some of the panels provide necessary context and background for some of the messages, particularly regarding the messages by Thabiti and Dever (at least as far as my comprehension goes).

Also, the other panels provide incredible discussion and instruction, wisdom, along with a great deal of CJ humor and humility (which helps us identify with these great men).  You will want to listen to these over and over.

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Galatians and the Problem of Self Justification: Horton & Carson

Don Carson and Michael Horton spoke at Desert Springs Church’s Clarus Conference the first week of May 2008. The subject was Galatians and the Problem of Self Justification.

There is a lot of great material here, particlularly in the Q&A sessions.  Carson brings his sharp mind to bear on many ways we tend to decieve ourselves in self-justification, even though we may have a very clear doctrinal understanding of justification.   I find it hard to encapsulate this conference because it seemed to cover a wide gamut of things, probably due to different ways of applying the Galatians passages to the church and personal lives that resulted in the Q&A’s.  The speakers skirted from the New Perspective on Paul, personal ministry disciplines, to finding the will of God.

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God and Richard Dawkins

John Lennox delivered a fascinating and very informative seminar at the European Leadership Forum which examines the arguments and influence of the modern atheists in the camp of Richard Dawkins.

Lennox identifies a foundational flaw in most arguments for or against evolution, and that is that most arguments are rooted in the miniscule details while avoiding the larger questions that must provide the proper framework for such discussions and debates.  He spends a great deal of time aquainting us with those larger issues while using many contemporary arguments of evolutionists and showing their flaws.

One thing I was suprised to hear is that today’s evolutionary scientists don’t believe in chance as they once did.  They recognize the sheer incalculation of such luck.  As one said, evolution requires luck, but not that much luck.  So they turn to a mechanism of design, which ends up being natural selection, to help massage the odds, so to speak.

Lennox examines the main arguments of Dawkin’s ‘The Blind Watchmaker’ at some length.  He also relates how he has seen a small, but noticable change in the scientific community away from embracing evolution as a process that adds or creates information in the process.  And he suggests Christian’s should not dismiss Darwin so readily, because Darwin’s observations in micro-evolution (in other word’s adaptation) is good science, and demonstrates a certain flexibility in organisms to adapt to their environment.  But Darwin’s hypothesis to extend that into macro-evolution is unsustainable.

The audio file is a massive 2 hours long.  The lecture being about 1 hour, and a lengthy Q&A taking up the rest.  This is a very helpful lecture, and I hope to find more lectures by Lennox.

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Steve Lawson’s Men’s Seminary series

Dr. Steve Lawson, pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church, has been teaching the men of his church in what they call the Men’s Seminary, I believe which is held on Thursday mornings (could be wrong).

The messages focus largely on the doctrines of grace taught through the lense of church history.  It’s a fascinating series which I’ve highlighted portions before.

Lawson’s New Reformation website has collected these messages on a page devoted to the Men’s Seminary, and it an easy way to access the mp3’s.

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Christian Joys & Duties, Maurice Roberts

You may know of Maurice Roberts as being an editor of the Banner of Truth magazine.  The wonderful articles he wrote for Banner have been collected into great books, which is where I was first introduced to him:  Great God of Wonders, The Christian’s High Calling, and The Thought of God.  The depth of insight in these small volumes reveals a man studied in the deep waters of Scripture and powerfully amazed with the living God.  Maurice Roberts is a spiritual giant, in my estimation.

I was thrilled to find some of his audio sermons at Monergism.com.  I must mention that Maurice Roberts pulpit ministry is similar to that of John Murray’s in character.  That is, their sermons are incredibly well thought out and packed full of great depths —  yet the delivery of their speech tends toward the monotone and monotonous.

This series of messages on Christian Joy’s and Duties looks at the joy the Christian has, which includes very excellent treatments on Sonship and Adoption, and considers the duties we have in Christ and the joy found in them.

Here’s just one lengthy quote to whet your appetite:

The Bible was given in order to do two things.  First of all, to make the unconverted man miserable.  And secondly, to make the converted man joyful.  And these are two very difficult tasks that the minster of the gospel has to perform. I say to make the uncvonverted man miserable because until a man is miserable and weary of this prensent world, he will never truly seek after God.  The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.

And the fear of the Lord is wrought in men and created in men by the power of the Holy Spirit.  And the common way by which God prepares men to seek that wisdom is by taking from them their enjoyment of the pleasures of this life. God does not do this with a bad motive, of course.  He does it on the motive that until people see the emptiness and vanity of things here below they will never seek him, and they will never enjoy those things which are above. 

And once we come to Christ, the purpose of the Bible is to make us joyful.  But then that itself is a difficult task again. It is harder to make Christians rejoice.  And the reason for that is, because when we are Christians, we can see the sadness of life. We realize how many thousands, yea millions, are passing along on the wide road to destruction and are not seeking God, nor desiring his salvation.  And we as believers understand what their latter end will be.

And not only that, but the devil himself continually labors and strives to steal from us our comfort and our assurance and our joy.  Because the devil well knows that the joy of the Lord is a Christian’s strength.  And once we loose our joy, our mouth is shut. We are poor witnesses. And all the streams of our spiritual life become stagnated.

To put it into a simple Biblical phrase from the book of Isaiah, the Bible was given for these two purposes: 

“Say to the righteous it is well with him because he shall eat of the fruit of his hands.  And say to the wicked, Woe unto him, because the fruit of his hands shall be returned to him.”

Roberts texts are 1 Corinthians 1:17 to 2:16, 1 John 3:1-3, and Isaiah 35.

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Anglicanism & Evangelicalism with Phillip Jensen

Mark Dever interviews Phillip Jensen regarding his ministry in the Anglican church in Australia.  Jensen relates his struggles in teaching in University, challenges he has faced in the Anglican church, and what motivated him to write his classic evangelistic tract “Two Ways to Live”, published by Matthias Media.

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The Truth About Homosexuality

The Master’s Seminary Faculty Lecture series for 2008 is online.  This years subject is the volatile issue of Homosexuality.

  • Dr. John MacArthur: “The Bible on Sexuality and Homosexuality”
  • Dr. Michael Grisanti: “Cultural and Medical Myths about Homosexuality”
  • Dr. Irv Busenitz: “Marriage and Homosexuality”
  • Dr. Rick Holland: “Parenting and Homosexuality”
  • Professor Alex Montoya: “The Church’s Biblical Response to Homosexuals”
  • The Truth About Homosexuality page >>>