Hitchens Debated

In light of Christopher Hitchens passing this past December, I’ve been barnstorming apologetics lectures and debates, and will be sharing many of those over the next few weeks.

As much as I disagree with Hitchens, and find his grasp of the Bible and Christianity very thin, I admire his ability to communicate, argue and wield the English language. Of all the popular, celebrity atheists, Hitchens is by far the most articulate and formidable, in my opinion. He makes “anti-theism” incredibly appealing to those who don’t have much beyond a Sunday School grasp of Christianity.

I have found the majority of debates with most of the other atheists (or atheistic-leaning agnostics) to be quite dull as their arguments and evasions are easily unmasked.  But Hitchens puts up an admirable fight and, consequently, the Christian debaters often shine brighter than we would have seen otherwise.  Christianity has some incredible defenders in men like Dinesh D’Souza, Doug Wilson, Alistar McGrath, John Lennox and William Lane Craig.

Here are some links to free mp3 files of debates:

Hitchens Debates D’Souza >>>

Hitchens Debates McGrath>>>

Hitchens Debates Wilson>>>

There are a few debates only available on DVD of note that you can purchase from Amazon:

Hitchens vs. Craig; Does God Exist >>>

Hitchens vs. D’Souza: God on Trial >>>

Hitchens vs. Wilson; Collision: Is Christianity Good for the World >>>

This DVD is not a full fledged debate, but rather something of a travelog of Wilson and Hitchens on a book tour to promote their book which covers a debate that they had. While not a debate I found it fascinating.

Hitchens vs. Lennox; Is God Great? >>>

Is God Great: John Lennox Vs Christopher Hitchens

Apologetics Debates: A List

Phillip Porvaznik has collected a very large collection of debates and discussions on Christian apologetics.  Here you will find Christian apologists such as William Lane Craig, Alister McGrath, Dinesh D’Souza, Walter Martin, and more.  They debate objectors such as Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, Bart Ehrman, Frank Zindler and a host of others.

Thank you, Phil, for putting this list together.

Apologetics Debates List >>>