Heaven & Hell: Resolved 2008

This was perhaps one of the most significant conferences I’ve heard in the past few years. Not that others haven’t been good, but this one was special.

Randy Alcorn, John MacArthur, John Piper, Steve Lawson, Rick Holland and C.J. Mahaney all did an outstanding job in redirecting our focus to the larger things at work in life that require carefull thinking.

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Westminster Preaching Conference

This is a very good conference on preaching aimed at working preachers.  This is not basic preaching material.  It is assumed that the listeners are recieving training in basic exegesis, hermeneutics and homiletics.

It is lecture style, so there is some informational dryness to the tone and content, but there is much to be gained.  Dan Doriani tackles some common misconceptions, such as the avoidance of anything narrative in a reaction against the emergent church (I’m assuming).  He also explains why sometimes it’s helpful to bypass the main point of the passage and focus on a secondary inference.

Carl Trueman looks at the preaching ministry of John Owen and the political climate surrounding Owen’s ministry, and draws some very helpful conclusions about what lines Owen crossed bridging theology and politics, and what lines he did not cross.

James Garretson looks at the life and ministry of Archibald Alexander, including his conversion.  Garretson also provides many of the preaching and pastoral convictions of Alexander.

An Exposition of Biblical Narrative – Dan Doriani
The Theory and Practice of Preaching Biblical Narrative – Dan Doriani
The Preacher’s Story and the Quest for Godliness – Dan Doriani
Princeton Portrait – Archibald Alexander – James Garretson
What Do You Preach the Day After the King is Executed? – Carl Trueman
Narrative Preaching – Tuck Bartholomew
Beyond the Sacred Page: When the Story Doesn’t Say What You Wish – Dan Doriani

Parenting with Pastor Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly, pastor of Desert Springs Church in Albuquerque recently preached 4 sermons on parenting.  I’ve only listened to a few, but what I heard was very good.

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Sinclair Ferguson and the book of James

Sinclair Ferguson recently finished preaching a series through the book of James at his pastorate at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina.

Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds has put together this easy download page.

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Or you can subscribe to the First Pres SC podcast by clicking on the iPod icon on the bottom of the Sermon Player and select the James messages in iTunes.

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