2012 Ligonier National Conference

Ligonier has just posted the audio and video  from it’s national conference, free to view by streaming, but there is a cost to purchase for download.  This year’s conference subject is The Christian Mind, and the is helmed by an august group of speakers:  Al Mohler, Michael Horton, Steve Lawson, Sinclair Ferguson, Michael Godfrey, R C Sproul Senior and Junior, plus too many more to list.

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The Puritan Reformed Conference 2011

This conference is run by Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and includes speakers such as Joel Beeke and Michael Barrett.  The focus of the 2011 conference is the Holy Spirit. Here are just a handful of the 14 sessions that made up the conference:

Precursors to Pentecost

How the Holy Spirit is Another Comforter

The Holy Spirit in the Early Church

Richard Sibbes on Entertaining the Holy Spirit

The Outpouring of the Spirit: Anticipated, Attained & Available

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The Holy Spirit: A 15 part series by Joel Beeke

Joel Beeke, the President of Puritan Reformed Seminary, gave a massive 15-part series on the Holy Spirit a number of years ago.  The Holy Spirit is one of the most misunderstood figures in the Scriptures and Beeke’s impressive series goes a long way to recover this mighty deity.

1. Why Study the Holy Spirit

2. Who is the Holy Spirit

3. The Spirit’s 7-fold Old Testament Work

4. The Anointing Spirit

5. How Did God Vote?

6. Called by Grace to be Saints

7. How to Respond to God’s Call

8. How Can You be Born Again?

9. How Does Repentance Function?

10. Justification by Faith or Works?

11. The Spirit’s Gift of Faith

12. Spirit-worked Perseverence

13. How the Spirit Makes Us Holy

14. Mahanaim: Two Camps

15. The Spirit, Faith & Means

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The Powerful Life of the Praying Pastor

The 2011 Desiring God Pastor’s conference is now online for download.  Speaking on subjects related to prayer and  the pastor’s prayer life were Joel Beeke, Paul Miller, Francis Chan (that’s right) and Jerry Rankin. John Piper’s biography subject was Robert Murray McCheyne.

Francis Chan gives us some explanation of his recent departure from his church in Simi Valley, mainly motivated by the fact that he became a Christian celebrity so fast and wanted to guard himself from that mania.

By far, if you were to listen to only a few messages, I would recommend that you listen to both of Joel Beeke’s messages — one is on prayer, and the second is on family worship.  Beeke is a man who lives above and beyond the common sensibilities of our age in an admirable way. And I commend that you carefully, and thoughtfully, apply the truths of both messages. I have listened to a number of Beeke’s messages on family worship over the years, and they have motivated me to revolutionize my leading in family worship. And this message is one of his best, primarily because most of his other messages on family worship have poor audio quality.

The panel discussion was particularly helpful.  The discussion raised a lot of great points and allowed helpful interaction with the material.

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Pipers biographical message on McCheyne >>>

Speakers for this Year’s Puritan Reformed Conference

In preparation for the Puritan Reformed Conference to be held in August, PRTS has selected one message for each of this years coming speakers to wet our appetites, and we do have a number of very interesting speakers. Note: these are NOT messages from a previous PR Conference.  Each speaker name links to a SermonAudio page.

Joel Beeke

Albert Martin

Richard Philips

Jerry Bilkes

David Carmichael

James Grier

David Murray