The Holy Spirit: A 15 part series by Joel Beeke

Joel Beeke, the President of Puritan Reformed Seminary, gave a massive 15-part series on the Holy Spirit a number of years ago.  The Holy Spirit is one of the most misunderstood figures in the Scriptures and Beeke’s impressive series goes a long way to recover this mighty deity.

1. Why Study the Holy Spirit

2. Who is the Holy Spirit

3. The Spirit’s 7-fold Old Testament Work

4. The Anointing Spirit

5. How Did God Vote?

6. Called by Grace to be Saints

7. How to Respond to God’s Call

8. How Can You be Born Again?

9. How Does Repentance Function?

10. Justification by Faith or Works?

11. The Spirit’s Gift of Faith

12. Spirit-worked Perseverence

13. How the Spirit Makes Us Holy

14. Mahanaim: Two Camps

15. The Spirit, Faith & Means

The Holy Spirit >>>


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