David McWilliams on Galatians

Galatians: A Mentor CommentaryChrist the Center interviews David McWilliams about his recent commentary on Galatians.  McWilliams is pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Lakeland.  Guest Glen Clary brought this commentary to the attention of the boys at the Reformed Forum.  He had preached through Galatians at his church and said that two commentaries stood out among the others:  Martin Luther’s, and David McWilliams’.

McWilliams commentary is written not for the scholar, though it deals with scholarly level material.  It was written for the working pastor, and has some helpful organizational features.  The layout for each interpretive section is structured first with an interpretation of the passage, followed by a brief interpretation of the crucial components of the passage.  After that, the main section that deals with the interpretation of the passage is covered.

McWilliams is a systematic theologian by training, and he brings this skill set to this commentary.

David was kind enough to present a list of other works on Galatians that he believed to be stellar.  They include works by Leon Morris and Martin Luther.

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