Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Conferences Online

All of the Spring Conferences of GPTS dating back to 1998  have been made available online.

The full messages posted for these conferences:

1998 Southern Presbyterian
1999 Did God Create in 6 Days
2000 Written for our Instruction: The Sufficiency of Scripture for All of Life
2001  Sanctification: Growing in Grace
2002 Reformed Spirituality: Communing with our Glorious God
2003 The Worship of God
2004 The Covenant
2005 The Doctrine of the Church
2006 The Triumph of Christ: The Missionary Enterprise of the Church
2007 The Christian Worldview: Thinking God’s Thoughts

Only a sampling of messages posted for these conferences:

2008 A Reformed View of End Times
2009 John Calvin: 500Years in Retrospect
2010 The Nature and Sufficiency of Scripture

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Twin Lakes Fellowship 2008

What is the Twin Lakes Fellowship? From the website…

The Twin Lakes Fellowship is a ministerial fraternal devoted to the encouragement of Gospel ministry and ministers, and to the promotion of healthy biblical church planting. The Twin Lakes Fellowship is a ministry of the Session of the historic First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS (in conjunction with several other PCA sessions and ministers in Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina). This fellowship is designed to pursue a twofold purpose: (1) to encourage ministers and churches to promote the work of church planting through their local congregations and (2) to encourage ministers in their personal growth in grace, so as to maximize their effectiveness in promoting the work of the Gospel.

Ligon Duncan kicked off the conference with a very strong, clarifying call for faithful expositional preaching.

David Meredith, who is a pleasure to listen to, took on the subject of evangelism, and gave his impressions of the Evangelism Explosion material. Don`t miss this one.

Doug Kelly, Carl Trueman, Sean Lucas, Derek Thomas and Terry Johnson all gave messages worth a listen.

Ligon conducted 3 wonderful telephone interviews.  He interviewed Thabiti Anyabwile about his two books: The Faithful Preacher, and The Decline of African American Theology.  Tim Keller was interviewed about his best selling book The Reason for God.   And finally, David Wells was interviewed about his book (then forthcoming) The Courage to Be Protestant, and Wells gave an excellent summation of the 3 divisions of the church today:  Truth-lovers, Marketers, and Emergents.  Wells must be listened to.

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2008 Together for Adoption Conference

The ministry of Together for Adoption is led by Dan Cruver and Jason Kovacs, both who are passionate for Christians to be involved in adopting orphans.  The message titles give a very clear picture of what this conference is about:  “The Good News of Adoption”, “The Cosmic Significance of Adoption”, “Adoption in God’s Story of Redemption”, “Our Adoption and Visiting Orphans in their Affliction.”

The speakers make a strong appeal for the need of the church to be more involved in adoption, and they support their admonition by drawing from our adoption as sons and daughters into the kingdom of God, and our instruction of visiting orphans in their affliction.

Also available on the same page are other sermons and addresses on adoption from a wide variety of well-known speakers such at C. J. Mahaney, Russell Moore, Derek Thomas, John Piper and many others, most of whom have adopted children.

Unfortunately, my internet filter has blocked my ability to download these messages, but I have been able to listen to a few of them in streaming format, as I have opportunity.  This is a very good resource of information if you have the ability and/or interest in adoption.

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Carson and Driscoll at Xenos

The 2008 Xenos Summer Institute conference this year was titled “True to the Word, True to Our Mission” and most of the messages are in response to the Emergent Church movement. Don Carson, Mark Driscoll and many others were involved in this conference, which was held this past July.

Both Carson and Driscoll bring well informed backgrounds to bear on the dangers of the Emergent church.

Don Carson has studied this movement extensively, and his book Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church is one of the best overviews to the causes, challenges and effects of the Emergent church.

Mark Driscoll began as one of the leading Emergent church leaders, beginning Mars Hill Church under that banner, but  has since separated himself from the more destructive elements of this movement, and has become one of it’s strongest critics.

Don and Mark’s messages provide  a good perspective on this movement, both pro and con. In spite of  this movement appearing to be dying a rapid death, there are a lot of lessons the church can learn  in it’s wake.

Don Carson’s messages:

Evaluating a Complex Movement mp3 >>>

A Biblical Meditation on Experience & Truth mp3 >>>

Mark Driscoll’s messages:

How the Local Church can reach our Postmodern Culture mp3 >>>

A Pastoral Perspective on the Emergent Church mp3 >>>

Job: Desiring God 2008 Fall Regional Conference

The subject of suffering has seen the attention of some big theologians this year (see D. A. Carson’s seminar on suffering).

Piper tackles this subject with characteristic fervor, compassion, and posture of trembling at God’s Word.  John spends a great deal of time considering Elihu, the youngest of Job’s friends who came to his aid.  Piper considers Elihu a favorable counselor and provides good biblical reasoning for not lumping Elihu in among the other self-righteous friends who misrepresented God. Elihu’s counsel to Job comes close to God’s disclosure, and so Piper allows himself to unpack some of Elihu’s words to Job.

Piper is very down to earth, and handles a very delicate subject with great pastoral concern and theological skill.

Conference on Job >>>

Parenting Conference with William Mackenzie and Sinclair Ferguson

Children are not the future of the church, as the popular expression goes.  Children are of the present church.

William Mackenzie, director of Christian Focus Publications, joins his wife Carine and Sinclair Ferguson in participating in a parenting conference presented at Ferguson’s church. Mackenzie  presents a number of messages about the importance of investing spiritually in our children.  He begins by presenting the case of how the world is targeting Christian children with atheism, and specifically attempting to turn children away from the Bible.  He does so by quoting Richard Dawkins and popular children’s book author Phillip Pullman, both atheists who believe teaching children Christianity is a form of child abuse.

Mackenzie spends an entire message discussing the importance of family worship, and he carefully relates the practice of family worship that he grew up with.  This is a valuable insight into a rare Christian home that looked like a mini church.

Mackenzie’s wife Carine, an author of a great many children’s books, and Sinclair Ferguson also each presented a single message.  William carried the bulk of speaking at this conference.

This is a great conference, filled with information and exhortation that will challenge you to consider the Godly heritage of children in a sadly unfamiliar light.

William Mackenzie is director of Christian Focus Publications, which also carries the wonderful imprints of Mentor and Christian Heritage. He and his wife Carrie, an author, join Sinclair Ferguson at First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina.

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Men’s Fall Conference: Rick Holland

Rick Holland, the mastermind behind the Resolved Conference, delivered 4 messages for the 2008 Men’s Conference at Grace Community Church of Huntsville, Alabama.

Rick considers the qualities of godly manhood.  First he looks at the importance of sexual purity, which is an area a lot of men and Christian leaders fail.  Second he looks at humility, which is one quality which God says catches his eye.  Do you want to catch God’s eye — pursue humility and a trembling at God’s Word. Thirdly, Rick considers the qualifications of elders listed in the book of Titus.  The Q&A session was helpful and lively on a wide variety of questions submitted by the audience. 

Men Who are Pure
Men Who are Humble
Men Who are Leaders
Questions & Answers

2008 Men’s Fall Conference >>>

MacArthur, Mahaney at Straight Up Conference

 James Mcdonald’s preaching conference this year had John MacArthur and C.J. Mahaney as guest speakers.  This was a valuable listen.  Two must-listen to sessions are John MacArthurs message and the Q&A.

MacArthur preached a condensed version of his popular five series on the Prodigal Son — a powerful and clear look at the amazing love of God for man, and a surprising look at the Pharisees as the “faithful” brother.

The Q&A session is phenomenal.  Most of it centered on MacArthur’s conviction on preaching and studying Scripture.  Certainly, few men command our attention on the process of preaching as MacArthur does.  He is a well-spring of hard earned wisdom in pulpit preparation. 

MacArthur describes his entire process of study, revealing how he uses commentaries, and why he dislikes the vast amount of seminary journals (because they are responsible for most of the deviant ideas that have brought about the Openness of God and the New Perspectives on Paul). 

MacArthur also defends himself of the criticisms of being harsh, ungracious, unloving and not carrying forward the spirit of Christ.  He points to the Pharisees and says Christ was not loving and gracious toward them, and at the same time Christ never (at least recorded in Scripture) condemned the Roman religion.  Christ was most virulent toward apostasy, and as one of the panel guests commented, Christ wasn’t very “Christlike” when he dealt with the Pharisees.

Very helpfully, MacArthur explains how he has shed his opinions, because as he studies Scripture, his cognition of the text grows a conviction, and then that conviction becomes an affection of his life.  And this is how it should be for God’s people as Scripture and the Holy Spirit renews our minds.

Straight Up Conference page >>>

The Power of Words and the Wonder of God; 2008 Desiring God Conf. online

This years Desiring God Conference was unexpected and wonderful.  It was one of the most unusual, and yet very practical conferences I’ve heard.

Piper’s message on Christian eloquence was very helpful in wrestling through issues that I think we seldom wrestle with as preachers and teachers.  John brought us face to face with a proper dividing of the term eloquence, in the negative as words used to self glorify, and in the positive as words that glorify God with powerful and effective communication.

Driscoll came out swinging with humility, as he turned to Scripture’s rough language.  Mark did a masterful job at explaining when rough language is appropriate and when it is not.  He also shared some amazing things that are happening at Mars Hill, both good and shocking.  This was one message not to miss.  Highly practical and sobering.

Dan Taylor brought a helpful perspective on the power of story and the place of creativity in the lives of Christians.  I had not known of Dan before this conference, but since then, I’ve ordered his book ‘Tell Me A Story’ to further my understanding of his perspective of story. 

Sinclair Ferguson did an amazing and very helpful broad exposition and application of the tongue, as found in the book of James.  This is one message I will have to go back and take notes for, because there is just so much information packed into Ferguson’s message.

Bob Kauflin gave one of the most easily digestable arguments for the place of contemporary Christian music that I’ve ever heard, by using his piano to make his points. Bob also very wisely explained the role and place of music in Christian worship.  A very helpful and clarifying message. 

Paul Tripp tackled the truth that our words and our talk is a reflection of our hearts.

2008 Desiring God Conf. page >>>

The Faithful Writer Conference

Matthias Media and CASE (Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education) organized a small conference for writers which was held at New College, University of South Wales.

I listened to a few of the session, though not all.  Writers may find some help in this conference.  Tony Paynes introductory address, called ‘The Faithful Writer’ stood far above all the rest.

I had high hopes for this conference.  Writing is an important skill that should be elevated in churches.  We have the most important messages to bring, and there should be great concern in the Christian community for developing sharp writing skills.  And to be honest, far too many Christian “writers” are terrible at it, and are only saved by good editors.

Unfortunately, overall, I felt the conference itself could have used a good editor.  There was some very helpful information provided, though sadly overshadowed by the unimportant and unhelpful.

I hope for the next conference the Christian publishing community rallies around these faithful folks with support and eager participation.

The audio quality varies from good to awful, particularly for the panels and Q&A. 

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