Parenting Conference with William Mackenzie and Sinclair Ferguson

Children are not the future of the church, as the popular expression goes.  Children are of the present church.

William Mackenzie, director of Christian Focus Publications, joins his wife Carine and Sinclair Ferguson in participating in a parenting conference presented at Ferguson’s church. Mackenzie  presents a number of messages about the importance of investing spiritually in our children.  He begins by presenting the case of how the world is targeting Christian children with atheism, and specifically attempting to turn children away from the Bible.  He does so by quoting Richard Dawkins and popular children’s book author Phillip Pullman, both atheists who believe teaching children Christianity is a form of child abuse.

Mackenzie spends an entire message discussing the importance of family worship, and he carefully relates the practice of family worship that he grew up with.  This is a valuable insight into a rare Christian home that looked like a mini church.

Mackenzie’s wife Carine, an author of a great many children’s books, and Sinclair Ferguson also each presented a single message.  William carried the bulk of speaking at this conference.

This is a great conference, filled with information and exhortation that will challenge you to consider the Godly heritage of children in a sadly unfamiliar light.

William Mackenzie is director of Christian Focus Publications, which also carries the wonderful imprints of Mentor and Christian Heritage. He and his wife Carrie, an author, join Sinclair Ferguson at First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina.

First Presbyterian Church Parenting Conference page >>>


2 thoughts on “Parenting Conference with William Mackenzie and Sinclair Ferguson

  1. Hello, I wanted to write and thank you for having such a great blog. I benefit from it tremendously and find myself going to it often for resources. I am starting a Bible study blog in which we are going threw the NT in the course of 2.5 years and following the Macarthur Bible study method. We will be reading the same chapters in a repetitive format and posting our thoughts, verses that stuck out and stuff like that. I am trying to make a header image for it and was curious on how you do all the images that you have here. They are great and I am trying to come up with something interesting. Do you use Photoshop or something similar? I am just using templates for my current blog ( but want something more for this new one ( It will not be complete until the first launch on 1-1-09. Just looking for some help on image posting I guess.

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  2. Gary, I use Photoshop. If you are artistically inclined nothing can match the capabilities. But if you’re not artistic and don’t require a lot of the heavy tools then Adobe Photoshop Elements will work well, or you can try a free GNU program called CinePaint ( Google tutorials for whatever software you choose and you’ll find loads of information and resources. Good luck.

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