Basics Conference 2009

Alistair Begg, John Piper and John Lennox come together in a conference that is a real treat to listen to.  This trio is a uniquely fitted group of men that shine with distinctive voices, backgrounds and convictions that resonate with combined power.  The Q&A session is testimony to this.

Each one of these men and their messages are equally marvelous and helpful.  Begg with his down to earth wisdom and pastoral insight; Piper with his rational theological power and motivation; and Lennox with his sharp discerning mind and articulate clarity.

I must point out that this conference was my introduction to John Lennox.  Lennox is a mathematician and philosopher of science at Oxford, and a Christian.  He is one of the most formidable opponents to the new atheism crowd.  The man is a wealth of wisdom.

This certainly was a great conference and I commend it highly.

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N.T. Wright’s Doctrine of Justification

The boys at Christ the Center give us a 2 part discussion with Guy Prentiss Waters about N.T. Wrights new book ‘Justification: God’s Plan and Paul’s Vision‘. Wright’s book is a response to John Piper’s book The Future of Justification, which itself was written in response to Wright’s teachings on Justification which provide the most theological weight to what’s become known as the New Perspective on Paul.

While this isn’t a discussion for everyone, it is very helpful in providing a big picture of this theological engagement. Waters and the CTC team are not supportive of Wright’s conclusions, and they point out some major flaw’s in Wright’s arguments in his new book as he tries to engage with John Piper’s masterful critique.

Part 1 >>

Part 2 >>

The New Perspective to Biblical Justification, with John Piper & Ligon Duncan

What was the heart of Paul’s ministry and message?   This question is the basis for Al Mohler’s radio program, where he is joined by John Piper and Ligon Duncan.  They also discuss preaching, imputation and Rhonda Burns popular book ‘The Secret’.

Al Mohler Program ‘The New Perspective to Biblical Justification >>>

Cornelis Venema on the New Perspective on Paul has a large selection of MP3 links to many of Cornelis Venema’s lectures on the error of what has been called the ‘New Perspective on Paul’.  Venema has fought against this movement quite aggressively and he has even narrowed some of his studies to exam the contributions of individual proponents of the NPP, such as N. T. Wright, E. P. Sanders and James Dunn.

 Cornelis Venema on the NPP at>>>

Particular Redemption and The New Perspective with John Piper

Mark Dever at 9 Marks has brought in John Piper and Bruce Ware for some enlightening discussions.

John Piper and Bruce Ware discuss the fine points of limited atonement which is better termed ‘particular redemption’.  Piper also relates his differences with N.T. Wright and the New Perspective on Paul which challenges the historical understanding of the doctrine of Justification by Faith.

Piper also relates a little bit about Bethlehem Baptist Church’s Bethlehem Institute.  He also discusses why he doesn’t like the new term ‘missional’, and relates how the church should affect the culture, including a thoughtful discussion on abortion.

Particular Redemption, The New Perspective and More with John Piper (and Bruce Ware)>>>