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Sermon Audio now has 95 sermons by Edmund Clowney.  Clowney was professor and president of Westminster Theological Seminary,  a theologian-in-residence at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, Virginia, an associate pastor of Christ the King Church in Houston, and spent the last 12 years of his career at Westminster Seminary California.

Clowney was also a prolific author, having authored some books that are considered classics, such as The Unfolding Mystery; Discovering Christ in the Old Testament, How Jesus Transforms the Ten CommandmentsPreaching and Biblical Theology and Preaching Christ in All of Scripture.  His book Called to  the Ministry is perhaps one of the best books that examines the issue of being called into ministry.  And his book The Church is certainly one of the best, if not the best book, on the nature and purpose of the church according to God’s design — a much needed book in this day when the purpose and design of the church seems to be lost on many.

Edmund Clowney at Sermon Audio >>>

6 thoughts on “Collections: Edmund Clowney

  1. It is very exciting to see the Edmund P Clowney sermons and lectures being used by so many friends! I’m the one who’s been slowly transposing sermons into MP3 files for posting on sermon audio. We have an Edmund P. Clowney Legacy Corporation, and would love to have some of EPC’s fans help us track down obscure tapes, or tell us of any other material we may not have found yet. Does anyone know who is sponsoring a website on EPC? We can’t track it down.
    (The website I’ve put in is the one related to my husband’s ministry – truthXchange, Peter Jones.) If anyone’s interested, contact me. I can tell you more about the Corporation.
    In Christ,
    Rebecca Clowney Jones

  2. Thank you for doing this!

    I was just wondering if there would be a way of locating Dr. Clowney’s address at Urbana73 [“Jesus Christ and the Lostness of Man”]?
    I have contacted IVP Press and they no longer have a copy. I wonder if anyone does and if so if it could be made available on this site. That talk had a big impact on my life. It’s available in print but I would love to hear it again.

    Thank you.


  3. I did not see it there but it is wonderful to have all those other EC sermons. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve gone to to make all these available. So glad to discover this site!

  4. If Tom is still looking for this message it is on Urbana’s site and linked here:
    [audio src="" /]

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