The Life and Thought of Jonathan Edwards

Michael Reeves at the Theology Network has looked at the life and thought of Jonanthan Edwards in 4 messages. The messages are:

1. The Man and His Life

2. The Religious Affections

3. The History of the Work of Redemption

4. Edwards Theology of Everything.

If you’ve listened to Reeves before, you will know that his passion and knowledge of church history and it’s figures is incredibly engaging.

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Rezolution Conference 2010 Piper & Mbewe

Johannesburg, South Africa, John Piper and Conrad Mbewe reflect on the conviction of Jonathan Edwards in keeping his famous resolutions.

Piper opened the conference with a message on “For His Name’s Sake” which considers the sweep of redemptive history which demonstrates God’s zeal and love for himself.

Piper’s second sermon was vintage Piper, and was fitting, as Piper talked about one of the most significant things Edwards said that had a tremendous impact on Piper’s life.  “God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in him.”  If you’ve never heard Piper on this subject, then this is one you will want to hear.

Conrad’s messages surrounded Romans 12:1.  In his  first message he asked 2 questions:  1. What keeps Edwards resolutions from being mere legalism? 2. What motivated him to define and keep these resolutions?  The answer is that the fountain of grace brought in a fresh supply to him.

In Conrad’s second message he asks 1 question:  What should have Edwards resolved to do in the light of the mercy God showed toward him? Bringing it home to us, he asks if we as Christians are merely giving God a contribution from our lives, or have we completely sacrificed our lives for him. Conrad considers that most of us, if we are honest, are Christian contributors rather than living sacrifices.  A phenomenal message.

The Saturday night Q&A was wonderful.  I love Q&A’s because it’s entirely unscripted and allows me to see how these men think through issues in a candid manner. The questions discussed what their typical day is like, how we should think about some pastors being less gifted than others and the discouragement that might bring.  On the issue of dating, Piper believes dating as a matter of having a boyfriend or girlfriend without any intention of marriage is wrong because it is courting danger. But dating (whether you label it courting or not) should be restricted to seeking a marriage partner. On the issue of tithing, Piper said the “tithe” system of 10% that is so prevalent in America is robbing God. If 10% satisfies our sense of giving, we are misled. Giving is to be above and beyond tithing, and to simply set the bar so low that tithing 10% is sufficient for most Christians is Pharisaical.

Piper closed the conference on Sunday morning with another vintage Piper message: “You exist to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples.”  He focused his message on 2 Corinthians 8:1-7.

Conrad writes about the conference, and provides photos from it, on his blog A Letter from Kabwata.

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The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards

Steve Lawson joined the Christ the Center team to talk about his enriching little book The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards.  The focus of the conversation centered around Edwards resolutions, which reveal a profound theology of  dependence upon God’s power to pursue holiness. You will be challenged by Edwards single-minded devotion to practical holiness and it’s value in this life.

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A Brief History of Trinitarian Thought

Carl Trueman joins the panel at Christ the Center to discuss the history of Trinitarian thought touching on the contributions of the Nicean Creed, the Chalcedonian formula, the Cappadocian Fathers, Athanasius, Augustine, Aquinas, Jonathan Edwards, Karl Barth, Van Til, and John Owen.  Trueman, who is something of an expert on Owen, spends some time looking at Owens understanding of the Trinity, particularly looking at how Owen differentiated how we commune with each member of the Trinity.  This is an important discussion as it demonstrates that the Trinity is not something for the theologians, but rather it has great impact for all believers.

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The Preaching of Jonathan Edwards, with John Carrick

The Preaching of Jonathan EdwardsDr. John Carrick discusses his new book ‘The Preaching of Jonathan Edwards’ with the team at Christ the Center.  Carrick brings fresh insight into the amazing theology and skills of this incredible man.  Most surprisingly, Carrick argues that Edwards was not the monotone voiced preacher he’s been made out to be.  Edwards taught with passion and earnestness in his delivery.  Edwards was also greatly skilled in painting vivid and unforgettable imagery.

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Life of David Brainerd, Free Audio Book

The folks at Christian Audio have posted another free book, this one is Jonathan Edwards ‘Life of David Brainerd’.  Brainerd was a missionary to the Native Americans and experienced a great many trials, eventually dying at a young age of Tuberculosis.  This is a classic work, and perhaps Jonathan Edwards most widely read work.  It played a big part in the American missionary movement.

Use the coupon code OCT2007 when checking out to get it free.

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Reformation and Modern Church History with Dr. David Calhoun

Church historian David Calhoun’s lectures on church history have been made available online by Covenant Theological Seminary.  These excellent lectures should not be missed.  The old saying, ‘Those who don’t know history are bound to repeat it’ holds a particular truth for Christians.  We must know church history.  Calhoun does a great job of making church history accessible and interesting.


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