Eric Alexander on 1 & 2 Timothy

Monergism has posted Eric Alexander’s series of expositions on 1 & 2 Timothy.

Paul tells us in 2 Timothy 3:16 that Scripture is literally “breathed out by God.” If that is so (and it is), then our primary concern will be to find out what God is saying to us, and the church’s primary responsibility will be to teach and preach the Bible.

Eric Alexander’s Timothy series >>>

Six People You Meet En Route to Calvary: Sinclair B. Ferguson

Monergism has posted a series of sermons by Sinclair Ferguson titled “Six People you Meet En Route to Calvary.”  According to Nicholas Batzig, “Of all the series that I have heard Sinclair Ferguson preach, I think that this was the finest.”

Six People You Meet >>>

Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology Series

Monergism has just uploaded all 117 classes from Wayne Grudem’s famous  lecture series covering his excellent Systematic Theology book. This should keep these lectures as a stable link for years to come.  In the past they have been moved from place to place killing all of my links.  Thanks to Monergism for hosting these lectures. By the way, the lectures are also available via iTunes.

Sermons on the Psalms: Dale Ralph Davis

Dale Ralph Davis is widely regarded as one of the most gifted Old Testament expositors today. His commentaries on the Old Testament are treasures of expositional teaching.

Monergism has put together a collection of 15 sermons by Davis on the Psalms. If you’ve never heard Davis preach I can think of no better collection of sermons to begin with.

Prayer for a Dark Morning – Psalm 5:1-12

God’s Lullaby – Psalm 4:1-8

Praying on the Run – Psalm 3:1-8

God Is Mixed Up in Politics – Psalm 2:1-12

Thanksgiving in July – Psalm 116:1-19

When the Bad Guys Win – Psalm 73:1-28

When Everything Falls Apart – Psalm 11:1-7

Relief Begins with an “F” – Psalm 32:1-11

Teach Me the Patience of Unanswered Prayer – Psalm 88:1-18

The God Who Is There – Psalm 139:1-24

Amnesia and Praise Don’t Mix – Psalm 105:1-35

Faith – From Crying to Confidence – Psalm 13:1-6

Praying Among the Ruins – Psalm 74:1-23

A God To Be Thankful For – Psalm 104:1-35

A Few Years in God’s School – Psalm 2:11-25

Sermons on Psalms >>>

Azurdia: Series on Revelation

Arturo Azurdia preached through the book of Revelation in 81 sermons.  Azurdia’s messages are very insightful and engaging.  He attempts to preach through Revelation expositionally with the intention of seeing the eschatological perspective emerge from the text.  Though Azurdia does arrive at an amillenial perspective, and gives a great deal of weight to the apocalyptic literary genre of the 1st century as faithful guide to correct interpretation.  As such, he views Revelation as a series of perspectives that explain the same thing, elevating symbolism over literalism.

Revelation series >>>

John V. Fesko on Revelation

In January I started taking my teen Sunday School class through Revelation, and last month started taking my adult Bible Study through it.  The only way I’ve been able to manage has been to listen to good audio messages during my commute to turn over the  fallow ground of my mind so that my study time has a head start.  I selected preachers who have a variety of viewpoints. The next few posts will provide links to the most helpful preachers of Revelation that I’ve been able to find on the Internet.

John V. Fesko is amil, and preached through Revelation in 21 messages. John is very concise, carefully thought out, and widely read.

Revelation >>>

Piper’s series that spawned ‘Finally Alive’

Finally AliveLast year John Piper published the book ‘Finally Alive’.  This book was spawned by a 16 part message series he preached in 2007  titled ‘You Must Be Born Again’.  This is a marvelous book and series that looks closely at conversion, the new birth, what it is, what man does in it, and what it produces in man.

This is a very good series and certainly worthy to have in book form.

You Must Be Born Again >>>

Sinclair Ferguson and the book of James

Sinclair Ferguson recently finished preaching a series through the book of James at his pastorate at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina.

Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds has put together this easy download page.

Book of James via Between Two Words page >>>

Or you can subscribe to the First Pres SC podcast by clicking on the iPod icon on the bottom of the Sermon Player and select the James messages in iTunes.

First Pres Sermon Player >>>

Insight into a Pastor’s Heart with John MacArthur

MacArthur recently gave an excellent 3 message series on what a Pastor is supposed to be, what he is supposed to be committed to, and what he’s supposed to do. This is a rewarding series that reminds what a pastor is called for.

Insight into a Pastor’s Heart Part 1 >>>
Insight into a Pastor’s Heart Part 2 >>>
Insight into a Pastor’s Heart Part 2b >>>