John V. Fesko on Revelation

In January I started taking my teen Sunday School class through Revelation, and last month started taking my adult Bible Study through it.  The only way I’ve been able to manage has been to listen to good audio messages during my commute to turn over the  fallow ground of my mind so that my study time has a head start.  I selected preachers who have a variety of viewpoints. The next few posts will provide links to the most helpful preachers of Revelation that I’ve been able to find on the Internet.

John V. Fesko is amil, and preached through Revelation in 21 messages. John is very concise, carefully thought out, and widely read.

Revelation >>>

5 thoughts on “John V. Fesko on Revelation

  1. So he is premil? That is rare in the OPC after the split with the premil Bible Presbyterians shortly after both came out of the old Northern Presbyterian Church.

    Thanks for posting, I’ll have to give this a listen if I can get the time.

  2. I believe he is premil, but I might be wrong. It’s been so long since I listened to his opening messages. Let me know if you find he’s amil.

  3. After listening to the first message and a portion of the message on Rev. 20, he reveals himself to be an amillennialist who takes an idealist view, which is not surprising given his current position at WSCAL.

    I was a little surprised that he didn’t even mention the historicist interpretation when giving his overview of the interpretive approaches. It’s a view that isn’t popular today, but was the predominant view at the time of the Reformation and is reflected in the original WCF.

  4. Yes, thank you. I thought he was amill-idealist; I too would’ve been surprised to find he was premill.

  5. Yeah, it’s a good thing I read the comments because I’d listened to his Revelation series 2 years ago and he was amil then. You scared me there, I began to think either I had finally gone nuts or that Fesko had suddenly radically altered his own views.

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