The Westminster Conference

I was recently directed to the Westminster Conference by a reader. This is the same Westminster Conference that Martyn Lloyd-Jones and J. I. Packer began in 1951.  Speaking about those who formed this conference the site has this to say:

They were not uncritical followers of the Puritans but saw them as outstanding Christian teachers whose challenges could not be ignored. The Puritans helped to establish an important tradition of Biblical thinking and pastoral theology which was often recovered in later times of revival. For these reasons, fairly early on, the interest was broadened beyond the Puritans and the Conference was advertised as being for “theological and historical study with especial reference to the Puritans.”

I will certainly be sampling message from this site as I have time.

Westminster Conference Audio >>>

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Conferences Online

All of the Spring Conferences of GPTS dating back to 1998  have been made available online.

The full messages posted for these conferences:

1998 Southern Presbyterian
1999 Did God Create in 6 Days
2000 Written for our Instruction: The Sufficiency of Scripture for All of Life
2001  Sanctification: Growing in Grace
2002 Reformed Spirituality: Communing with our Glorious God
2003 The Worship of God
2004 The Covenant
2005 The Doctrine of the Church
2006 The Triumph of Christ: The Missionary Enterprise of the Church
2007 The Christian Worldview: Thinking God’s Thoughts

Only a sampling of messages posted for these conferences:

2008 A Reformed View of End Times
2009 John Calvin: 500Years in Retrospect
2010 The Nature and Sufficiency of Scripture

GPTS Conference Audio >>>

Martin Luther and the German Reformation

Carl Trueman spoke at the 2007 Reformation Heritage Conference at Grace Presbyterian Church in Douglasville, Georgia.

I must say I learned some big things about Luther, particularly regarding his view on transubstantiation in the Lord’s Supper.  Trueman does a good job of putting it into context and then explaining how Luther was able to embrace this error.

If you have any interest in Luther or the circumstances surrounding the Reformation you will want to give these your attention.

The German Reformation >>>

Westminster Preaching Conference

This is a very good conference on preaching aimed at working preachers.  This is not basic preaching material.  It is assumed that the listeners are recieving training in basic exegesis, hermeneutics and homiletics.

It is lecture style, so there is some informational dryness to the tone and content, but there is much to be gained.  Dan Doriani tackles some common misconceptions, such as the avoidance of anything narrative in a reaction against the emergent church (I’m assuming).  He also explains why sometimes it’s helpful to bypass the main point of the passage and focus on a secondary inference.

Carl Trueman looks at the preaching ministry of John Owen and the political climate surrounding Owen’s ministry, and draws some very helpful conclusions about what lines Owen crossed bridging theology and politics, and what lines he did not cross.

James Garretson looks at the life and ministry of Archibald Alexander, including his conversion.  Garretson also provides many of the preaching and pastoral convictions of Alexander.

An Exposition of Biblical Narrative – Dan Doriani
The Theory and Practice of Preaching Biblical Narrative – Dan Doriani
The Preacher’s Story and the Quest for Godliness – Dan Doriani
Princeton Portrait – Archibald Alexander – James Garretson
What Do You Preach the Day After the King is Executed? – Carl Trueman
Narrative Preaching – Tuck Bartholomew
Beyond the Sacred Page: When the Story Doesn’t Say What You Wish – Dan Doriani

Reforming our Understanding, Derek Thomas

Derek Thomas delivered a series of 4 messages at the Oklahoma City Conference on Reformed Theology in October of 2007.  The subjects of the messages cover Reforming our Understanding of God, Justification, Evangelism and Holiness.  A final Q&A is also available.

Derek draws deeply from church history and the Reformers, and also takes a considerable amount of time to review the New Perspective of Paul.

Reforming our Understanding page >>>

Expositor’s Conference

If I were to assemble an expository preaching conference, I would choose men who either loved the discipline enough to write books focused on expository preaching, or they would be practicing expositors of exemplary ability in a congregation for a long period of time.

With Steve Lawson and John MacArthur, both men have done both, and are widely considered among the best living expositional preachers today.  There is a great deal of exceptional material.

Two things I never want to do.  One is to say God said something he didn’t say.  And two, to not say something God did say.  You don’t want to edit God. (MacArthur)

Steve Lawson and John MacArthur teamed together for the Expositor’s Conference in October of last year. 

Expositor’s Conference audio >>>

Stand: 2007 Desiring God National Conference

The subject of this years conference is Endurance in Ministry, a very important subject since so many people and pastors appear to have very little ability to endure through the difficulties and challenges of ministry.  John Piper, Jerry Bridges, John MacArthur, and Randy Alcorn bring life long ministry experience and convictions that will encourage and educate anyone involved in church ministry.

Stand: 2007 National Conference page >>> 

Partnering with Parents

David Michael of Children Desiring God brought a very timely message for parents and Children’s ministry leaders.  Michaels provides a sober look at what should be the operating principle of any children’s ministry, and that is primarily to teach parents how to be godly parents.  We need to hear these kinds of messages over and over because we so easily forget the foundation God laid for ministry inside the family.

One thing Michaels said that stood out (just to whet your appetite) is that children should be taught to remain in the entire worship service beginning at age 4.  If we don’t, then we are training little Johnny to check out mentally everytime the preacher stands up to preach.   Michaels relates methods that help the child to pay attention, and gives testimony to the success he has seen at Bethlehem Baptist Church.

A great message that you have to hear if you are a parent.

Partnering with Parents mp3 >>>

John Angell James: Pursuing the Souls of the Next Generation

David Michael presented an intriging biographical sketch on the life of John Angell James, an English preacher of the early 19th century who wrote many helpful books such as ‘A Help to Domestic Happiness’, ‘The Christian Father’s Present to His Children’, ‘Female Piety’, and ‘An Earnest Ministry.’ 

James is well known for his instruction in the home, and it is this focus that David Michael takes in his biographical sketch of James which he presented at The 2007 Children Desiring God conference.  Biographical sketches allow us not only to learn good habits and ways of thinking, it helps us to learn from failures.  There are many rich gems in this address that will challenge any parent in the way they daily lead their children to a life dependant on God.

John Angell James: Pursuing the Souls of the Next Generation >>>

Children Desiring God Conference Audio

The excellent ministry Children Desiring God has posted all the audio for free from their 2005 and 2007 conferences.  I have not yet listened to these, but they are going on my ipods playlist. 

The ministry of Children Desiring God is aimed at calling for higher standards of teaching in a Sunday School market that is glutted with silly, watered down, children’s theology. 

Children Desiring God >>>