Shepherds Conference 2019 Audio is Now Live

Shepherds' Conference 2019This year’s Shepherds Conference was titled “Faithful.” It was focused on being faithful in ministry.  A host of men joined John MacArthur this year including Sinclair Ferguson, Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, HB Charles, Voddie Bachman, Joel Beeke and many others.

This years conference also included some great breakout sessions focusing on the ministry of faithful ministers.

Sinclair Ferguson on Robert Murray Mc’Cheyne
Joel Beeke on Bunyan
Dever on Sibbs
Lig Duncan on Samuel Rutherford
Steve Lawson on Jonathan Edwards
Mohler on Luther
HB Charles on Spurgeon
Voddie Bachman on William Arthur Phillips

Shepherds Conference 2019 Audio >>>

The Truth About Homosexuality

The Master’s Seminary Faculty Lecture series for 2008 is online.  This years subject is the volatile issue of Homosexuality.

  • Dr. John MacArthur: “The Bible on Sexuality and Homosexuality”
  • Dr. Michael Grisanti: “Cultural and Medical Myths about Homosexuality”
  • Dr. Irv Busenitz: “Marriage and Homosexuality”
  • Dr. Rick Holland: “Parenting and Homosexuality”
  • Professor Alex Montoya: “The Church’s Biblical Response to Homosexuals”
  • The Truth About Homosexuality page >>>

    ‘Time to Act Like Men’ 2007 Men’s Conference

    This one day conference at Grace Community Church in California featured John MacArthur, Michael Fabarez, Alex Montoya and Phil Johnson. They took up the subject of Biblical masculinity and spiritual leadership.  This is a must-hear conference for all Christian men.

    MacArthur looked at the necessity of men to be strong, couragous, endurance and  conviction.

    With his typical candor, Montoya challenged men to live authentic lives knowing the world is watching our every move. He clearly explained what it means to live in the world and not be conformed to the world.

    Fabarez took a sharpened look at what it means to be a man in the home, and brought a critical message that all men should use in examining their leadership in the home.

    Phil Johnson addressed the feminization of the church, largely caused by the abdication of Christian men.  Phil related very interesting first hand information about how some Christian publishers target their book content for a female audiences, at the expense of the male audience.

    This is was a profitable conference, one which I will be returning to listen to a second time.

    Act Like Men before God, John MacArthur >>>
    Act Like Men in the World, Alex Montoya >>>
    Act Like Men in the Home, Michael Fabarez >>>
    Act like Men in the Church, Phil Johnson >>>

    Collections: Alex Montoya

    There isn’t much online audio for Dr. Montoya, pastor of First Fundamental Bible Church in Monterey Park, who is also a professor at The Master’s Seminary.  The first time I heard him was as a guest preacher at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley.  His doctrine is solid and his messages are direct…very direct. If you’ve never heard him, do yourself a favor and listen to one of these messages.

    2006 Masters Seminary Chapel message
    2003 Masters Seminary Chapel message

    Sermon at First Baptist Church of San Jacinto at Sermonaudio

    2002 Missions Conference at Calvary Bible Church (2 messages)

    2002 Men’s Conference at Omaha Bible Church ‘A Passion for Christ’ (3 messages)

    Living Hope Community Church Family Camp (3 messages RealAudio)

    Changing Your Church without Your Church Changing You; The do’s and don’ts of the early years of ministry.  This was preached at the 2003 Shepherd’s Conference and can only be ordered through the Shepherd’s Conference website (CD or MP3).  It was in Seminar Session 5.

    His Word of Truth radio ministry broadcasts his sermons in different regions of the United States. You can also order CD’s of his sermons.