Together for the Gospel 2010

This years T4G (or T4TG as R. C. Sproul suggests it should be renamed) was a great conference.  Powerful and thought provoking messages from almost all the speakers.

Dever’s message on the church putting the Gospel on display was quintessential Dever.

Sproul was phenomenal (even though C.J. didn’t understand it). He looked at how philosophy and the German higher critics deviated from the Gospel, and demonstrated how their mistakes are being embraced today. This was one of the best lectures I’ve ever heard about theological liberalism.

Mohler, as in the last T4G, looks at how our current Christian cultures evangelical zeal often undermines the Gospel itself.

In the same vein, Thabiti unmasks the problem clearly about how the contemporary evangelical fixation with cultural engagement is a disastrous derailment of the Gospel.

MacArthur’s theology of sleep is a theology of the Gospel, because ultimately the salvation of the unbeliever is a work of God, not a work of man, and that allows him to sleep at night. The Arminian gospel so prevalent today, if taken to it’s logical conclusion, should drive us insane because it makes salvation dependent upon us.

Piper, well, what can you say about Piper?

Ligon Duncan makes a great case for why we need to be reading the original sources of the early church fathers, and helps us to navigate the criticisms brought upon them.  Quite an eye-opener.

Matt Chandler talks briefly and movingly about how his efforts to prepare his people for suffering was God’s way of preparing him for his brain cancer. Matt, as always, has very amusing ways of getting across solid theology.

C.J., well, is C.J. talking about his favorite subject, ordinary pastors.

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The Theology of Turretin: Maurice Roberts

Francis Turretin (1623-1687) lived in Geneva during a period of church history that is described as the “high watermark of Reformed theology”.  Turrentin is a “towering figure among Genevan Reformers” and has recieved high praise from theologians. 

Roberts traces the theological battles that Turretin faced, many of which we face today under new names. Turretin battled socinianism, which today we see in the Openess of God form of theology. 

The generation following Turretin saw the turn toward a decline in strong theology, and in fact, was helped by Turretin’s own son.

Roberts delivered this address as the closing lecture of the Free Church Seminary 2007/2008 school year. It is not a sermon, but is aimed at theological students, and will be a dry listen if you’re not so inclined toward seminary lectures.

This is the link to the Quicktime, but you will have to click on the sermon or sermon archive page and subscribe to the podcast via iTunes to download this message in mp3.

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The Marrow Controversy with Sinclair Ferguson

After listening to Derek Thomas’ excellent lectures on John Owen, I realized I didn’t know anything about the ‘Marrow Controversy’ and decided to find some lectures to shore up that hole in my church history knowledge.   What I found were 3 messages by none other than Sinclair Ferguson.

The Marrow Controversy took place in 16th century Scotland, and while the controversy itself is somewhat obscure to the average Christian, it’s implications to the gospel are critical.  It faces this question:  “Is it sound or orthodox to teach that we forsake sin in order to our coming to Christ?” What results are answers examing the difference between cheap grace and free grace, and the errors of Legalism and Antinomianism.

This is a very good series, however the audio is not in the best shape.

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The Scottish Reformation with Iain Murray

Iain Murray delivered 6 messages based on his recent book ‘A Scottish Christian Heritage.’ Murray is always a pleasure to listen to, and brings the wisdom of his vast knowledge of church history to bear in his sermons. The messages are:

John Knox and the Battle
Richard Bruce: Pulpit versus Throne
Progress Through Fire and Water
The Life of Martyn Lloyd-Jones
The Surprising Grace of God
The Holy Spirit and Assurance

Messages were delivered at Grace Presbyterian Church in Douglasville, Georgia.

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