Kevin Vanhoozer on the Drama of Doctrine

Kevin Vanhoozer was interviewed at The Ministry of Motion Pictures discussing his theological work that he calls “theodrama” and talks about how it has application to Christian filmmakers who can be allies in the pastoral work of the church.

Dr. Vanhoozer has written numerous books exploring the metaphors of drama helping the church to see that doctrine isn’t intended to fill our minds, it’s intended to be put on display in the lives of God’s people and the church. His books include Pictures at a Theological Exhibition, Faith Speaking Understanding, Everyday Theology and The Drama of Doctrine.

There are 2 podcasts with Dr. Vanhoozer on this subject, The Drama of Doctrine and The Theological Potential of Christian Film.

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Dr. Mark Coppenger on Aesthetics and Christian Film

Dr. Mark Coppenger was recently a guest on The Ministry of Motion Pictures, a new websites and podcast devoted to advancing the art of Christian filmmaking. Dr. Coppenger is Professor of Philosophy and Ethics at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and he supervises the Aesthetic Theology doctoral program.

In three Ministry of Motion Picture podcasts he talks about aesthetics and Christianity as well as addressing issues centering on Christian filmmaking.

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