The Gospel Coalition 2011 Plenary Sessions on Video

The plenary sessions of TGC 2011 are now available on video. I am still working my way through the TGC 2011 conference audio and will post about it when finished, however, I would like to say that so far the sessions I’ve listened to are stellar.

The subject itself is one that has been in desperate need of attention, and that is, how we are to preach the Gospel in the Old Testament. Carson’s look at Psalm 110 is a must listen to. That message alone sums up the importance of this conference. In it, Carson expresses how important many Old Testament threads are for our understanding of God and his plan of redemption — threads such as priesthood, atonement, sacrifice, Yom Kippur, Passover, year of Jubilee, kingship, covenant, and the like.

We so quickly dismiss these things, or we deal with them as a matter of caricature that we don’t fully apprehend the breadth of revelation and significance behind them. Carson exposes this reality by pointing to how we commonly divide the law into 3 parts: the ceremonial, the civil, and the moral, and how we dispense with the ceremonial and civil and embrace the moral. And in Carson’s look at Psalm 110 he demonstrates how supremely important Melichizedek is in understanding Jesus Christ.

TGC 2011 videos >>>

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Conferences Online

All of the Spring Conferences of GPTS dating back to 1998  have been made available online.

The full messages posted for these conferences:

1998 Southern Presbyterian
1999 Did God Create in 6 Days
2000 Written for our Instruction: The Sufficiency of Scripture for All of Life
2001  Sanctification: Growing in Grace
2002 Reformed Spirituality: Communing with our Glorious God
2003 The Worship of God
2004 The Covenant
2005 The Doctrine of the Church
2006 The Triumph of Christ: The Missionary Enterprise of the Church
2007 The Christian Worldview: Thinking God’s Thoughts

Only a sampling of messages posted for these conferences:

2008 A Reformed View of End Times
2009 John Calvin: 500Years in Retrospect
2010 The Nature and Sufficiency of Scripture

GPTS Conference Audio >>>

The Hiding Place – Free Audio Book of the Month

The Hiding PlaceChristianAudio’s free audio book for the month of April is Corrie ten Boom’s classic The Hiding Place.

The book tells the story of Corrie’s family who helped hid Jews from the Nazi’s in WWII. The family was sent to a concentration camp for their efforts and only Corrie survived. It’s a story about the strength of faith and the restoring power of God’s love.

The Hiding Place >>>