The Faithful Writer Conference

Matthias Media and CASE (Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education) organized a small conference for writers which was held at New College, University of South Wales.

I listened to a few of the session, though not all.  Writers may find some help in this conference.  Tony Paynes introductory address, called ‘The Faithful Writer’ stood far above all the rest.

I had high hopes for this conference.  Writing is an important skill that should be elevated in churches.  We have the most important messages to bring, and there should be great concern in the Christian community for developing sharp writing skills.  And to be honest, far too many Christian “writers” are terrible at it, and are only saved by good editors.

Unfortunately, overall, I felt the conference itself could have used a good editor.  There was some very helpful information provided, though sadly overshadowed by the unimportant and unhelpful.

I hope for the next conference the Christian publishing community rallies around these faithful folks with support and eager participation.

The audio quality varies from good to awful, particularly for the panels and Q&A. 

The Faithful Writer Conference audio page >>>