Living Hope for the End of Days, Barnett

John Barnett’s ministry Discover the Book is a wonderful and expansive resource for the church and the MP3 revolution.  The website contains hundreds of John’s sermons and study series that he’s preached over the years at Tulsa Bible Church in Oklahoma.  All the downloads are free. Barnett is a gifted and godly expositor of God’s Word. 


Living Hope for the End of Days is a 52 message journey through the book of Revelation, and a companion book has been published as a one year devotional.  It’s a series that Barnett says is the result of a lifetime of study through Revelation.

I have not listened to all the messages in this series, as of yet, but I have been blessed by what few I have. There is also a large companion book divided into a year-long daily devotional based on the same material, which is also an excellent resource which I highly recommend. This is a richly rewarding series that will help you see Christ exalted throughout the book of Revelation. 

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Walking at the Spirit’s Pace

John Barnett has a series of messages that carrys a most difficult application: to slow down, rest and wait upon the Lord.  Barnett shows us from Scripture that the pace of life we live in is not conducive to the work and cadence of the Spirit.  He also suggests that our generation is a 9 commandment generation, rejecting the intent of the Sabbath.  These messages will make you rethink how you live your life, your priorities, and draw you closer to God.  This is a highly recommended cordial for our overwhelmed lifestyles.

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The Joy of a Word-filled Family, by John Barnett

John Barnett’s series, both in book and audio sermon form, covers a much neglected part of the Christian life in relation to family spiritual leadership.  I have spent many hours listening to his messages from this series and combing through this excellent book.  You will want to purchase this book because you will want to refer to it again and again. If you are a father, don’t pass this series up.  Highly Recommended.


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